This morning, I was up at the crack of dawn…no different than any other morning;  but after I got my husband off to work, I found myself looking at some old books that my dad gave me.  The one I picked up is called, “D. L. Moody’s Anecdotes”, published in 1896.   My dad used to quote him a lot in his sermons, so I decided to take a closer look.  I noticed a book-mark within it’s pages, so I knew I had begun to read it at some point-probably shortly after my dad’s death.

Anyway, I found a short excerpt from one of Moody’s sermons.  He said something in there that reminded me of a saying my grandma (my dad’s mom) used to say all the time; she’d say, “Sometimes…you gotta fight fire with fire.”   I share this excerpt from Mr. Moody, now with you. -anita



My friends, there is one spot on earth where the fear of Death, of Sin, and of Judgment, need never trouble us, the only safe spot on earth where the sinner can stand–Calvary.

Out in our western country, in the autumn, when men go hunting, and there has not been rain for many months, sometimes the prairie grass catches fire.  Sometimes, when the wind is strong, the flames may be seen rolling along, twenty feet high, destroying man and beast in their onward rush.  When the frontiersmen see what is coming, what do they do to escape?  They know they cannot run as fast as that fire can run.  Not the fleetest horse can escape it.  They just take a match and light the grass around them.  The flames sweep onwards; they take their stand in the burnt district and are safe.  They hear the flames roar as they come along; they see death bearing down upon them with resistless fury, but they do not fear.  They do not even tremble as the ocean of flame surges around them, for over the place where they stand the fire has already past and there is no danger.  There is nothing for fire to burn.

And there is one spot on earth that God has swept over.  Eighteen hundred years ago the storm burst on Calvary; the Son of God took it into His own bosom, and now, if we take our stand by the Cross, we are safe for time and eternity.

D. L. Moody