“Wait for the LORD, and He will make things right.” -Proverbs 20:22


Some of you that just read the title to today’s post got excited thinking that ‘vengeance is yours’…not so!  The verse in Hebrews 10:30 says, “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord…I will repay.”

I just went out to a nice lunch with a dear friend of mine on Sunday after church.  The food was great…but the fellowship was wonderful!  We both grew up with similar situations.  We did have some big differences, but the message conveyed to us as children by one or more of our care-takers, was the same…we were not important, we were unworthy of receiving  love from certain people.  They did all they could to make our lives miserable!

As we sat and dredged up the ‘old’ stuff-I could feel my anger and resentment rise.  I even remember at one point in the conversation saying…”It makes me so mad!  I’d just like to pop ’em in the face!”  Thinking about that scene later, I was appalled at myself…I thought I had been healed…I was sure that I had forgiven those that caused so much pain in my life; but I find I am still in need of healing.  Still needing to search my heart and grant forgiveness to them whether they asked for it or not!

But-I must admit that my heart is not in that place…yet.  I want it to be, because their injustices to me gnaw at my peace and happiness; and they…I doubt they even remember me!  Some of them are already dead and gone-so I’m the last thing on their minds.

Judgment is for God to meet out-not me.  When I want to take care of it myself, I’m assuming that God can’t do it as well as I could. Having that attitude is not showing reverence or respect to God.   However, when we make the choice to forgive and give it all to the Lord, we are declaring that He is faithful and Just, and will take care of those that hurt us.   And believe me…I’ve seen it over and over again-His justice, His recompense to them will far out-weigh anything we could ever meet out.

For those that see the error of their way and repent-many come back years later and apologize for their actions.  THAT is the kind of outcome we should pray for those that have hurt us!  That they finally come to a place where they see they need God’s grace and forgiveness!


3 thoughts on ““VENGEANCE IS MINE…”

    1. You will love this: Since stopping by here last, my kid (one in college) and I had the chance to watch The Railway Man with Colin Firth. Don’t know if you ever saw it, but it depicts a true story of a WWII soldier from Britain who was tortured as a POW by the Japanese and suffers PTSD years after the war. Then, with prompting from one of his war buddies, he goes back and finds the man who tortured him with the idea of returning the favor and killing him. But when he finds the guy, he chooses not to hurt him. Then the Japanese guy apologizes to him and they make peace – becoming friends until they died just a few years ago.

      Powerful movie. Highly recommend it. And timely since this post.


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  1. Thanx for your post. God is dealing with me in what seems to be a very slow process. To my mind, the issue is (or can be) rather complex. Perhaps that is just an illusion, but I don’t think so. I think it is, at least some times, quite complex. But of course whether that is the case or whether it is just an illusion I suffer, God is great and can handle it. That part is simple.

    I really hate to venture outside the Bible for answers to questions or models to follow. I am certain God’s word is sufficient for any matter. But I still love C.S. Lewis and some of his characters… some of his dramatizations. Likewise, sometimes I find people in my everyday life/world who exemplify God’s heart more readily than mining and exegesis offers. I cant help but mention Nurse Joan Black in a Los Angeles Emergency Room who disarmed an active shooter with a hug!

    But when it comes to forgiveness of wrongs committed against me and or my loved ones… one of the premier people I think of is Marietta Jeager. She disarmed a previously unknown serial killer who was still at large with her forgiveness. The killer had kidnapped and killed her 7 year-old daughter in 1973 in Montana while their family was on a family vacation of a life-time.

    Marietta (dead now, I think) teaches me what that forgiveness looks like. You don’t just say the words and all is forgiven… NO. There is a lot of work going on in your own heart, and your heart isn’t likely that ambitious to forgive. So, she started small. Not knowing anything about who the perp was, she began praying for him asking God to bless his day. And in doing that, her skin crawled. But she found herself giving herself over more and more to God, and her daughter too. And her husband who could not face the decision she made, died a few years later from heart disease. But Marietta began working with FBI profilers (the very first case the FBI ever profiled) and they told her to expect the killer to call on the first anniversary of the crime and gloat over his work to her. And he did! But she had been praying for him for a year by that time, and treated him with gentleness and care he had not imagined. And this psychopath who showed no empathy with his victims, some of whom he even ate, melted like butter in her hands on the phone and gave up loads of clues to the FBI agents listening in on the call.

    God is reconciling the world through Christ. He wants to save his good creation from the disaster of idolatry, sin, and death. The most famous verse in the Bible says that he so loved his creation that he gave his son…. If I want to be part of that program, I need to get with Marietta and do the work of forgiving. I have been wronged. The wound is deep. Forgiving it does not make it go away, but stewing in vengeance doesn’t either – AND holds no hope for its healing.

    Marietta found it in her heart to gain a son – the son who took her daughter. But that man hung himself in jail – no forgiveness for himself, apparently (though I wonder if that FBI agent didn’t help him tie the sheets into a noose). But Marietta did befriend her daughter’s killer’s mother. And when the whole thing came out, that woman had precious few friends!

    I actually have in mind a lot more complexity than I have depicted here. I am struggling with other levels of this stuff. No murders in my family to forgive. But there are other issues too. And perhaps I should post on them. Perhaps I will come back here and discuss them in the future. But there is no doubt the importance forgiveness plays in a godly future that I want to be in. Your post helps freshen this stuff up in my heart and mind. God is working on me. Dealing with me. Using your post as part of that.

    So… yeah… Thanx


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