Well…here it is…Saturday morning!  I really wanted to sleep in this morning-at least until 7:00-but my cat had another idea.  So I’ve been up for quite some time now 😦  I didn’t sleep all that well.  I had a lot on my mind. I found myself praying…praying for friends and family  that are sick; some physically, and some spiritually.  This morning I found that I was in great need of prayer-but everyone was asleep so I started to pray for myself!

We all have burdens, cares, tasks everyday that we must deal with.  Some are mundane, everyday things-but at times, we have a particular burden that we just don’t know what to do with. We already know that we can’t fix it, but as our flesh would have it-we continue to try.  I have a task like that before me today.

As I prayed for myself, God urged me to reach for my Promise Box.  Here is the promise He gave me…

“Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you!” -Psalm 55:22

As I looked at that-I noticed that the word burden was in the singular.  That was  proof enough for me.  God was telling me to give that burden…that worry, to Him.  I must admit that I am still a little apprehensive about this task I have-for I will be going toe to toe with the devil…but God will go before me, speak through me, and say what He wants to say.

As you read this, and cast your own burden on the Lord…will you please say a prayer for me?  I want to share, and remind someone of the love Jesus has for them.  In order for this message to ‘get through’ to them-I must be careful to let God do the talking.

May we all have a blessed day- as we give it all to HIM!


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