This past week-end was filled with so many blessings!  They all began with Friday morning arriving…after all…remember the famous words, TGIF!  Yes!  I think most of us breathe a sigh of relief when Friday finally rolls around.  But, as God would have it, things just kept on getting better!

Saturday evening, our church, The Gathering in Denver went to the Denver Rescue Mission to hold a praise and worship service with the homeless.  My husband plays the drums in our praise band, and I was there to pray with anyone who felt they needed prayer.  We decided to take our eight year old son with us.  Some folks thought it would be a bit much for him to see folks in such a sad state, but my husband and I discussed it, and prayed about it, and felt it would be a good life lesson to take him along.  (It turned out to be a life lesson to us!)

When the praise team started to sing, our pastor invited all of us to stand…if we wanted to.  I looked around the room-and no one stood up…so I didn’t either.  However, my son stood to his feet, grabbed my arm, and said, “Stand up mom!  After all, we ARE here to give God praise!”  Well…that was a short sermon…but I got the message!  Soon all the others in the room were standing as well! –1st Blessing!

Our pastor delivered a short sermon on The Love of God, and then gave an invitation.  Since I knew I was to pray with folks, I had told my son earlier to come up with me so I could keep an eye on him.  After I prayed for the first gentleman, I opened my eyes and looked around to make sure my son was behaving himself.  The site I beheld brought tears of joy to my eyes!  My eight year old son had ahold of a man’s hands and was calling out to God for this guys deliverance!  -2nd Blessing!

I decided not to worry about my sons behavior for the rest of the prayer time, and let God use him in a special way.  Even after the service was over, chairs put away, and all the people lined up to go to dinner, my son stood quietly, looking around, and then would abruptly walk up to someone and ask them if he could pray for them.  He ended up praying for more folks than I did! –3rd Blessing!

In the car, on the way home, I asked him what had caused him to pick out certain folks to pray for.  He simply said…”God told me they needed prayer.”  WOW!  I asked him how he knew God was saying this, and he said, “Because He told me to look around the room, and He would send me to the person that needed to be prayed for.” WOW!  -4th Blessing!

Like the Bible says, “A child shall lead them…”  That’s how God wants to use us grown-ups…but we have too many inhibitions!  We are afraid someone will look at us like we’re crazy, or they won’t like us, or…. (you fill in the blank with your own words.)

Anyway…before we left, I decided to walk up to someone and see where God would lead me.  He led me to a young man standing against the wall.  This kid was staring at us the whole time-but didn’t have the courage to come forward.  I walked up and said, “Hey!  How ya doin’?  Do you need prayer?”  He smiled at me eagerly-like he’d been waiting for someone to ask and said, “YES!  I’ll take one!”  We stood there and prayed, and when I opened my eyes, his face had lit up, he was smiling as he grabbed my hand.  He kept saying, “Thank You!  Thank You!”-Blessings!  Blessings!  Blessings!

Don’t be afraid!  Let God use you today!  Look around…ask Him who needs a smile, a touch, a word…a prayer…and then RUN to that person, be a blessing to them and receive your blessing from God for your obedience!





  1. Anita,
      Great post today. I can hardly imagine (to borrow words from the song) what God has in mind for Joel. He has such a heart for God’s business and is unashamedly ready to go wherever God leads him. Kudos to you & Mike for creating a home environment where that can flourish! I know he’s young yet, but you can’t help but think he might be a candidate for seminary someday… 

    Liked by 1 person

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