“Wait for the LORD, and He will make things right.” -Proverbs 20:22


Some of you that just read the title to today’s post got excited thinking that ‘vengeance is yours’…not so!  The verse in Hebrews 10:30 says, “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord…I will repay.”

I just went out to a nice lunch with a dear friend of mine on Sunday after church.  The food was great…but the fellowship was wonderful!  We both grew up with similar situations.  We did have some big differences, but the message conveyed to us as children by one or more of our care-takers, was the same…we were not important, we were unworthy of receiving  love from certain people.  They did all they could to make our lives miserable!

As we sat and dredged up the ‘old’ stuff-I could feel my anger and resentment rise.  I even remember at one point in the conversation saying…”It makes me so mad!  I’d just like to pop ’em in the face!”  Thinking about that scene later, I was appalled at myself…I thought I had been healed…I was sure that I had forgiven those that caused so much pain in my life; but I find I am still in need of healing.  Still needing to search my heart and grant forgiveness to them whether they asked for it or not!

But-I must admit that my heart is not in that place…yet.  I want it to be, because their injustices to me gnaw at my peace and happiness; and they…I doubt they even remember me!  Some of them are already dead and gone-so I’m the last thing on their minds.

Judgment is for God to meet out-not me.  When I want to take care of it myself, I’m assuming that God can’t do it as well as I could. Having that attitude is not showing reverence or respect to God.   However, when we make the choice to forgive and give it all to the Lord, we are declaring that He is faithful and Just, and will take care of those that hurt us.   And believe me…I’ve seen it over and over again-His justice, His recompense to them will far out-weigh anything we could ever meet out.

For those that see the error of their way and repent-many come back years later and apologize for their actions.  THAT is the kind of outcome we should pray for those that have hurt us!  That they finally come to a place where they see they need God’s grace and forgiveness!



We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, who are the called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

“I know not what the future has

Of marvel or surprise,

Assured alone that life and death

His mercy underlies.” -Unknown


Today-no matter what you may be facing…remember that God will work everything out for your good.  All we have to do is love and trust Him to take care of things.

He has a purpose for our lives-and everything we go through in this life is for that purpose.  We do not walk those dark roads alone…He is with us every step of the way.

Love Him.  Trust Him.  Walk confidently  in your purpose!



Well…here it is…Saturday morning!  I really wanted to sleep in this morning-at least until 7:00-but my cat had another idea.  So I’ve been up for quite some time now 😦  I didn’t sleep all that well.  I had a lot on my mind. I found myself praying…praying for friends and family  that are sick; some physically, and some spiritually.  This morning I found that I was in great need of prayer-but everyone was asleep so I started to pray for myself!

We all have burdens, cares, tasks everyday that we must deal with.  Some are mundane, everyday things-but at times, we have a particular burden that we just don’t know what to do with. We already know that we can’t fix it, but as our flesh would have it-we continue to try.  I have a task like that before me today.

As I prayed for myself, God urged me to reach for my Promise Box.  Here is the promise He gave me…

“Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you!” -Psalm 55:22

As I looked at that-I noticed that the word burden was in the singular.  That was  proof enough for me.  God was telling me to give that burden…that worry, to Him.  I must admit that I am still a little apprehensive about this task I have-for I will be going toe to toe with the devil…but God will go before me, speak through me, and say what He wants to say.

As you read this, and cast your own burden on the Lord…will you please say a prayer for me?  I want to share, and remind someone of the love Jesus has for them.  In order for this message to ‘get through’ to them-I must be careful to let God do the talking.

May we all have a blessed day- as we give it all to HIM!



1The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. I Timothy 4:1

But the one who endures to the end will be saved.-Matthew 24:13

My heart is heavy this morning as I think of friends and loved ones who KNOW the truth-but have deliberately walked away, turned their backs and are following another spirit.

My dad was a pastor for over forty years so I’ve seen it happen, time after time.  People I’ve attended church with-so on fire for God; teaching, preaching, witnessing to everyone they meet.  People that had a huge impact on my life, my personal walk with Jesus, and by example, were at the time my saving grace, because I saw something in them that I needed…wanted.  But now…they have turned from their faith in The Almighty God, and are following the teachings of this world.  Altars, shrines, idols, chants, repetitive prayers-all to a god/gods,  that have no eyes to see, no ears to hear, and are completely destitute of Power!   Some serve satan himself-delving into witchcraft, and the like.  If you would meet them on the street- you’d never know that they once had a close relationship with The One who died for them…for us all.

The sad thing is, the one they serve now is to blame for their turning away.  Things have happened in their lives-hurtful things, things that seem impossible to bounce back from.  Instead of turning to God, they become bitter, full of rage for the things life has dealt them- I know…I was there once myself!

Death of loved ones, failed marriages, divorce, betrayal, addictions, abuse, sickness, disease, abandonment, …and the list goes on.  We could all relate to one or more of these things happening in our own lives, but for some reason-these things ruin some of us, and others of us rise above them and are ok…even better at times for having experienced them.

I’m not here to be the judge, jury, and executioner of these, my friends, my loved ones;  but rather to call on all of us who still believe in God Almighty, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit, to call out in prayer for the return of those that have gone astray!  They are on dangerous ground and in great need of intercession!

My prayer is that when I encounter them, I remind them in love…God’s Love, of the Truth they once held dear.  JESUS-THE WAY…THE TRUTH…THE LIFE.

If any of you reading this have a friend or loved one who has fallen away from The Truth-please join me in prayer for their safe return to the waiting arms of Jesus!



Proverbs 3:5-6King James Version (KJV)

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


Today’s devotion is short and sweet.  Take a look at the above verses.  In plain English, it says:

Trust in the Lord; don’t do things your way.  Recognize that He is the giver of ALL things, and He will lead you in the right direction.

That’s it!  Simple…yet profound.

I’m trusting the Lord today for a blessing, so that I may bless others…How about you?



Here’s another one from Agent X-Fat Beggars School of Prophets.  This one will make you think! Sometimes we believe that since the prophet or ministry has ceased, the power has died with it; this will make you look at that belief differently!  Take a look-then keep on praying for that power to be resurrected in this world! -anita


Several days ago I published a post on Measuring $ucce$$ in ministry and shortly after that another featuring names of dear street friends memorialized on the walls of my heart.  My thoughts today expand on those, and go in a slightly different direction.  It occurs to me that I still pray for some of those friends even though they are deceased.  But then I also still pray for The Coronado Project, a ministry that was housing several street-homeless and helping keep families together through artificially (sacrificially) low rental rates.  That ministry, it seems, finally exhausted all the grace Lubbock could afford this work and folded up just before the holidays.

If Jesus lives there, that's a temple?

What is it that I pray for?  Is this just my sentimental heart unwilling to let go?  Am I hopeful these people and that ministry will somehow resurrect and come back?  Is there more to these prayers than that?





I believe God used those grieving women venturing to that Sunday-morning tomb to be the first witnesses to his resurrection power.  Sentiment met hope there that day, and that is entirely biblical and meaningful to God’s heart.  We see it in Jesus when he weeps for Lazarus just before raising him from the dead.  (Why cry if you are just gonna raise the guy up a moment later???)

But then there is the fact that death does not have the last word.  Dead prophets still bear the image of a suffering God.  When a homeless person freezes to death in our “Christian” town, the news of it carries within it the image of the God we have neglected.  That should be as convicting as looking back at the cross and realizing I was a scoffer there too.

Yes, even if The Coronado Project never comes back to life, it is a testimony of the neglected work of God.  Frank Morrison put his own financial life in peril to save others.  He got a lot of help, but not enough.  His work made the evening news almost nightly for several weeks, especially as it was in the throes of death.  A “Christian” city of roughly a quarter million people could not find the will or the way to sacrifice for this great work.

Heaven help us if those poor people now shake the dust off the soles of their feet as a testimony against our lack of hospitality or willingness to listen (Matt. 10:14).  We might have entertained angels unaware! (Heb. 13:2), but we will not know now until the Matthew-25:45-Jesus testifies at the coming Judgment of the sheep and goats.  And God seems to have a lengthy track record of showing up as a trespassing stranger dating back to Abe and Sarah (Gen. 18) at least.

Yes, those dead prophets and those dead ministries still have the POWER of God to bear God’s image at the place of shame, pain, and despair in this community.  Pointing that out to you is prophetic.  The possibility of Lubbock seeing Him there, finding conviction and then (hopefully) inspiration… these things are my prayer.

Agent X


Deuteronomy 31:8

He will  lead you. He will be with you.  He will never fail you or abandon you. So don’t be afraid!


I saw the following on Face Book last night.  It’s short-but to the point, and reinforces the above verse.  Here’s what it said…






Today, when things start going wrong and get all skewed…remember, regardless of what is going on around you and to you-GOD is in it with you!  He will NEVER leave you!  So go ahead…and don’t be afraid!



This past week-end was filled with so many blessings!  They all began with Friday morning arriving…after all…remember the famous words, TGIF!  Yes!  I think most of us breathe a sigh of relief when Friday finally rolls around.  But, as God would have it, things just kept on getting better!

Saturday evening, our church, The Gathering in Denver went to the Denver Rescue Mission to hold a praise and worship service with the homeless.  My husband plays the drums in our praise band, and I was there to pray with anyone who felt they needed prayer.  We decided to take our eight year old son with us.  Some folks thought it would be a bit much for him to see folks in such a sad state, but my husband and I discussed it, and prayed about it, and felt it would be a good life lesson to take him along.  (It turned out to be a life lesson to us!)

When the praise team started to sing, our pastor invited all of us to stand…if we wanted to.  I looked around the room-and no one stood up…so I didn’t either.  However, my son stood to his feet, grabbed my arm, and said, “Stand up mom!  After all, we ARE here to give God praise!”  Well…that was a short sermon…but I got the message!  Soon all the others in the room were standing as well! –1st Blessing!

Our pastor delivered a short sermon on The Love of God, and then gave an invitation.  Since I knew I was to pray with folks, I had told my son earlier to come up with me so I could keep an eye on him.  After I prayed for the first gentleman, I opened my eyes and looked around to make sure my son was behaving himself.  The site I beheld brought tears of joy to my eyes!  My eight year old son had ahold of a man’s hands and was calling out to God for this guys deliverance!  -2nd Blessing!

I decided not to worry about my sons behavior for the rest of the prayer time, and let God use him in a special way.  Even after the service was over, chairs put away, and all the people lined up to go to dinner, my son stood quietly, looking around, and then would abruptly walk up to someone and ask them if he could pray for them.  He ended up praying for more folks than I did! –3rd Blessing!

In the car, on the way home, I asked him what had caused him to pick out certain folks to pray for.  He simply said…”God told me they needed prayer.”  WOW!  I asked him how he knew God was saying this, and he said, “Because He told me to look around the room, and He would send me to the person that needed to be prayed for.” WOW!  -4th Blessing!

Like the Bible says, “A child shall lead them…”  That’s how God wants to use us grown-ups…but we have too many inhibitions!  We are afraid someone will look at us like we’re crazy, or they won’t like us, or…. (you fill in the blank with your own words.)

Anyway…before we left, I decided to walk up to someone and see where God would lead me.  He led me to a young man standing against the wall.  This kid was staring at us the whole time-but didn’t have the courage to come forward.  I walked up and said, “Hey!  How ya doin’?  Do you need prayer?”  He smiled at me eagerly-like he’d been waiting for someone to ask and said, “YES!  I’ll take one!”  We stood there and prayed, and when I opened my eyes, his face had lit up, he was smiling as he grabbed my hand.  He kept saying, “Thank You!  Thank You!”-Blessings!  Blessings!  Blessings!

Don’t be afraid!  Let God use you today!  Look around…ask Him who needs a smile, a touch, a word…a prayer…and then RUN to that person, be a blessing to them and receive your blessing from God for your obedience!





A while back, I started reading a book by my favorite author Max Lucado, entitled, Cure for The Common Life.  I picked it back up this morning, and got inspired by it’s words!  I wondered to myself ‘why’ I had put it down without finishing it!

I’m going to quote a few highlights to you from it’s pages.

Get a pencil and paper, because you are going to want to jot these words of wisdom down so you’ll have them for another day when you find yourself questioning your purpose. -anita


Be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs.  God’s strong hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time. -I Peter 5:5 (MSG)

The following are quotes from Max Lucado.

“Have you ever had the feeling deep down in your heart that God put you here for a purpose-and then wondered why you haven’t found it yet?”


“God packed you on purpose…for a purpose.”

“You cannot be anything you want to be.  But you can be everything God wants you to be.”

“You can do something no one else can do in a fashion no one else can do it.”

“Our past presents our future.”

“God planned and packed you on purpose for His purpose.”

“The oak  indwells the acorn.”

“His design defines your destiny.”

“You are the only you God made.”

“If you aren’t you, we don’t get you.  The world misses out.”

“God never called you to be anyone other than you.”

“You play no small part, because there is no small part to be played.”


Wow!  When we look at ourselves the way God looks at us-we can have confidence in the things we see God doing in our lives.  We can live by that old slogan used by the Marines that says: BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!  Because, that is what God is calling us to be…what He made us to be…just be ourselves!  God wants YOU!

Thanks for the reminder Max!

Max Lucado/anita





A New Song

Greetings Gatherers,

I wanted to add a short supplement to today’s devotional.

Praise the Lord that He has given us a new place for our Sunday worship services. Starting this Sunday, Feb. 19, we will be meeting at Campus Middle School in the Cherry Creek School District. This is an answer to many prayers. Please continue praying that God will use us to share the Good News of Jesus with all of those he brings into our path.

If you are in the Denver area please join us on Sunday mornings at Campus Middle School,
4785 S. Dayton St. Greenwood Village, Colorado. Coffee at 10:00, Worship service at 10:30.

Here is a new song that we are going to add to our upcoming praise and worship sets.


Chris Tomlin

There is a truth older than the ages
There is a promise of things yet to come
There is one, born for our salvation

There is a light that overwhelms the darkness
There is a kingdom that forever reigns
There is freedom from the chains that bind us

Jesus, Jesus

Who walks on the waters
Who speaks to the sea
Who stands in the fire beside me

He roars like a lion

He bled as the lamb
He carries my healing in his hands

There is a name I call in times of trouble
There is a song that comforts in the night
There is a voice that calms the storm that rages
He is Jesus, Jesus

Messiah, my Savior
There is power in Your name
You’re my rock and, my redeemer
There is power in Your name, 
In Your name

God, you walk on te waters
You speak to the sea
You stand in the fire beside me 
You roar like a lion
You bled as the lamb
You carry my healing in Your hands

There is no one like you
There is no one like you


Stay blessed, 
Pastor Danny