“In ALL your ways acknowledge HIM, and He will direct your paths.” -Proverbs 3:6


I have a plaque with the above verse etched in it.  I put it in a place…right in front of my easy  chair so that I will see it every day, and hopefully obey the wise advice and counsel given in those words.

For the last few days now, I’ve been thinking about my life.  Maybe it has something to do with the New Year approaching…new resolutions to make, and just thinking about changes I need to be making in my life.

I’ve often heard it said that this life we live is like being on a train.  We are hopefully always moving forward…however, regretfully, I’ve found myself moving backwards many times.  On this train of life, there are various stops.  We can get off and stay for a while…or even a lifetime; or we can get back on the train and move forward.  Some of us choose to be “stuck” in a certain location; while others of us don’t like where we are and we choose to get back on the train to find a better place.

During this time of soul-searching, two words have come to mind.  If life is like a train…then it is possible to get ‘side-tracked’, or even ‘derailed.’  I KNOW this from experience.  I pretty much get side-tracked every day!  Instead of going to God in prayer first thing in the morning, I reach for my ‘to-do list.’  And, sadly…God and His plan for me isn’t on that list anywhere!

I wake up to a new day and I’m headed in the right direction, but somewhere along the way, I take a detour.  Barreling down the track, doing things “MY” way, I never ask God which way to go.  I take the path that looks right to me, and find myself side-tracked!

When I look at things in my past, I know for certain, I’ve been derailed quite a few times!  I’ve run off my rails, and caused a temporary disruption of proper operation for my life.  I have put myself in a potentially serious hazardous position.

How did this happen?  Why did I get derailed?  Because I had a head-on collision with something that was NOT sent by God.

For me, it is usually an issue of rebellion.   I don’t know why I’m so stubborn and self-willed, but I can tell you…it has gotten me into more trouble than I care to remember! 

Am I proud of this?  Hardly!  Those times are when I have made my biggest mistakes causing my worst regrets in life!

So…why am I bearing my soul, and confessing my failures to you this morning?

Because I have learned from experience…there is a better way!  God’s way!  If we call on Him…seek His face in all that we do, life is much easier!

He DOES have a plan for all of us!

He controls the seasons.  He controls the cosmos.  I’m sure he can control my life…give it order…give it meaning!  But I have to allow Him to take control!

I urge you…I urge myself, to ask Him what He has for us today, and then follow His leading.  Let’s let Him direct our path.  Then and only then will we live without regret!


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