The following poem was written yesterday as I found myself still cleaning up from Christmas Eve!  My son, Joe, keeps reciting, ” ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”, so I found it easy to write about the morning…and days after that wonderful holiday.

I’m sure all the mom’s out there can identify!  Enjoy!-anita


‘Twas the morning after Christmas

When all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring

Dog… cat…or mouse!


Well…except for me, of course; I’m mom!


The house was a mess!

Paper…ribbon…and bows,

Cluttered the floor,

And got stuck in my toes.

Half-filled glasses of Eggnog,

Paper plates…napkins too,

Littered the counter,

Making me quite “blue!”

But then I thought of the smiles

On each happy face;

And the mess in the house

became a magical place!

As I wadded through piles

Of “stuff, ” here and there,

I remembered the love

That everyone shared!

Then I thought of “THE GIFT

God sent long ago…

Wrapped up in a manger

Found in stable so low.

I fell to my knees

To thank God above,

For that first Christmas night…

When He sent ALL His love!

I remembered a time

When I, myself was a mess,

But Jesus, in mercy,

Forgave…and did bless!

He cleaned me up,

As He hummed, all the while;

And when He was done…He gave a big smile!

I looked at the mess

Through different eyes now.

I made a promise…right then,

Before God, I did vow;

To clean up the “mess”

Made by family and friends,

And always thank God for them

When each day ends!

For they brighten my world

With the memories they leave

Every Christmas that passes…

And each Christmas Eve!

As I went to work,

I Thought to myself…

To have that kind of love

Is the best kind of wealth!

To be blessed with love

Is all one can ask…

So I hummed, and I smiled

As I went to my task!


By:  Anita Mondragon  -December 2016


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