Everyone knows there is a God. The evidence is all around us. In fact, the Creator designed the universe so that His many invisible attributes would be “clearly seen” in the things He made, so that we are “without excuse” (Romans 1:20).


I woke up this morning thinking about the above verse.  Let me explain “Why.”

A few days ago, on December 17,  my husband blogged a post entitled, “God’s Presence.”  In it, he was talking about the “Christmas Flower” …the Amaryllis, that was blooming in our dinning room.  He took a photo of this amazing flower, and added it to the post.  Below is part of that blog.

“As I looked at the flower, I was impressed that the entire flower resembled a cross! If you look at the attached photo you will see what I mean! After the initial impression, I heard the voice (God) say, “look closer”, ” there are two full blooms and one in the center yet to come”. I was reminded in the Spirit that the Son and Holy Spirit have already come, but the Main bloom, the Father, has yet to make His full presence known! The beauty of the first two have manifested. We should all relish and glory in that at this time, but the full bloom and splendor of the God Head is yet to come! Rejoice and be glad for that time is soon!”


As the days passed, the flowers began to die.  I reluctantly removed them from the stalk to give the remaining flowers the water and nutrients needed to survive.

When the flower in the middle died…it truly reminded me of Jesus’ death on the cross.   The middle flower hung it’s head…and was gone, while the two on the side looked like out-stretched arms.

I decided to remove the dead flower, and save it.  I do that a lot with the flowers from my sons and my husband, because they mean so much to me;  I want to keep them forever!   I usually let them dry, then put them in a vase to save them that way…but with this one, I chose to “press” it in a book.

As I lay the flower between the fly-leaf of my book, I saw something that truly fascinated me!  …The edge of the petals were “bleeding” red on the page!

God has most definitely shown us through His Creation, that He exists, and reminds us of His love for us on a daily basis!  If you have any doubts, look at the sunrise tomorrow morning…or the sunset this evening.  Watch the wonder of a child being born…or better yet, watch the video on YouTube of a fetus in the womb from 0-9 months!  AMAZING!  ONLY GOD could do such a marvelous thing!!

The following is a quote from –

The Creator Clearly Seen

by Jud Davis on July 1, 2008

God reveals Himself in two ways. One is through the special revelation of the Bible. Through the Bible God spells out the path to salvation….  God also communicates through the “general” revelation of creation. While it does not replace the saving truths that mankind must learn in the Bible, creation clearly teaches all men and women that God exists and that certain things are true about Him.


All I can say is, “Thank You Lord for revealing Yourself to us everyday!”  YOU truly are an Awesome God!



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