I’ve been preparing all week-long for our church Christmas party.  I love to open my house to friends and family!  Sometimes, I find it hard to attend parties given by others, because I don’t seem to ‘fit in’ with the group in attendance.  God has really spoken to my heart about this recently.

The Bible says we are to go into ALL the world, and preach the Gospel.  It doesn’t say, ‘If you feel comfortable, then go…’  It also says that we are to bring the Light of the world (Jesus) into the darkness.

If you’ve been invited to a party where you feel you “stick out like a sore thumb”  because you’re different…then praise God!  GO!  And BE different.  You never know who’s watching you.  You may be the only Bible they ever read.

To be different, you don’t have to ‘thump’ someone over the head with your Bible, or get into a heated discussion regarding your differences…you just have to LOVE and respect folks.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Be forgiving.  They will see through these things, that you ARE different in a good way.  Remember…they are on the outside, looking in…so show them what you got;  YOU have JESUS, and in the dark recesses of their heart…they wish they had Him too!

May the Light of the world, shine through you today!  Love you all!


2 thoughts on “SHOW ‘EM WHAT YOU GOT…

  1. Here is the passage that Agent X suggested we read in regards to today’s blog.:

    Luke 14:12-14King James Version (KJV)

    12 Then said he also to him that bade him, When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbours; lest they also bid thee again, and a recompence be made thee.
    13 But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind:
    14 And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.

    good advice! Thanks! -anita


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