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I was thinking during my prayer time this morning – I set aside all my thinking and planning for Christmas long enough to have a totally different thought!

My thought: Our God is one without boundaries. He goes beyond the world of science, a formal discipline limited by empirical requirements: what can I see with my own eyes. No, God seems to operate in the world of what we might call science fiction. But there’s a good reason why God says in Isaiah 55:8-9 that His ways are not our ways; His thoughts higher than our thoughts.

Take, for instance, Joshua’s prayer in Joshua 10:12. He prayed that the sun and moon would stop in their orbit. Joshua 10:13 says that sun and moon indeed did stop until the army of Israel avenged themselves over the Amorites.  In Is 38:8 and 2 Kings 20:8-9, God causes the sun to retreat several hours in its orbit as a sign to Hezekiah.

Then there is the incident recorded in the NT when Jesus walked on the top of the waters of the Sea of Galilee, a body of water over 140 feet deep [MT 14:26-27]! Furthermore, Jesus evens aids Peter to do the same [verses 28, 29]—an example of The Force at work ala Stars Wars maybe?

Jesus exhibited power over the elements as in the Matthew story above, but also power over physical substances evidenced when He changed water to wine at the onset of His ministry [John 2:1-10]

Jesus healed numerous times recorded in Scripture. One example is in John 5:46-54. And He raised the dead [Lazarus in John 11:21-44]. He could somehow disguise Himself, even to people who knew Him well [Luke 24:13-16]. Psalm 94:11 says God knows the thoughts of man and Jesus knew who would betray Him [John 13:21-26] and what people were thinking [MT 9:4]. He knew the future and predicted that Peter would deny Him three times in the next few hours before morning [MT 26:34].

Jesus also was capable of moving through solid objects like walls: in John 20:19, He appears to the disciples even though the doors were locked. He also could somehow fly or levitate [Acts 1:9] as when He rose into the sky while the disciples looked on.

In our age, mankind seems so taken with all of the popular science fiction stories of our time. Mind over matter, teleportation, mind reading, divination, time travel and other supernatural capabilities all are recurring themes in sci-fi storytelling. Yet our Lord has done most all of these in real life, and all without the aid of computer graphics (CGI)! And all without evil intent– so much of sci-fi seems to promote much of the supernatural in an evil context, usually involving plans to take over the galaxy…

I love Him because He constantly shows me He loves me, but I also stand in awe of Him because of His great power and artistry. He created this world, this universe, and holds sovereign power over both. The sci-fi storytellers should pay more attention to the Bible. They might pick up some terrific plotlines from it…or maybe even get saved.

Lee Pierce


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