Yesterday, my husband, Michael, brought the sermon.  It asked the question, “What would Jesus have on HIS Christmas list?”  There were a few different things on that list…but the one that stuck out in my mind was about witnessing to the lost.

Some of us have attended the many classes offered at church on ‘how to witness effectively.’  They had books that gave all the verses in order-the Romans Road (the road to salvation),  the way to talk to others of a different culture or religion, etc.  These are all great ‘pointers’ to take into consideration, but the most effective way to witness is to pray and let the Holy Spirit do the talking!

If we let Jesus say what He wants to say to the person we are witnessing to…the outcome will be accomplished.  Oh, we may not see it at that particular time…but it will come to pass!  Jesus said that His Word does not return void, but it accomplishes that to which He sent it.

If you are speaking to someone about their soul, and let Jesus speak through you, He may never once use one of the things taught in those books you had at class!  Then again, maybe He will use them.  The verses may be in the order you learned them…or He may decide not to use any of them…but use another verse that will speak to that particular individual and his/her situation.

Jesus said: “Not by (your) power…not by (your) might, but by MY Spirit, says the Lord!” –   Parenthesis are mine.  We need to take our knowledge out of the equation, trust God to speak through us, and let the Lord have HIS way!

Jesus knows well the verses in The Romans Road, or what we call the Road to Salvation.  He wrote those passages…and afterall…He paved the road to Salvation with His own blood!

Just a thought…




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