I just started reading this book by Charles R. Swindoll called, Hand Me Another Brick.  It’s whole message is about leadership, and a survey of Nehemiah the prophet.

Some of us think we are not in a position of leadership perhaps because we possess no title to bear that out.  However, almost all of us ARE in fact in a place of leadership.  If you are a Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, or Grandparent, you are a leader.  Little eyes are watching you and following your example.  Your “leadership” role may exceed the obvious and include more such as, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Pastor, Deacon, Elder, etc.  The point is this, all eyes are upon you…you are the example; like it, or not!

If we examine our own character and God-given place in life…our purpose, we will see a pattern.  Do we build on a Godly foundation, or on wood, hay and stubble?   The Bible says that all of our works will be put to a test of fire. I hope I’m building on a solid foundation, and not on something that will fail the fire test!

Take a moment and jot down the names of those you are responsible for…those who are specific people under your leadership.  This can be an eye opener!  After I did it, I was surprised to see all the names there before me ( I have twenty-one grandchildren.)  It was humbling to realize that whether I know it our not, all these eyes are watching me, either daily, or from time to time, and in some fashion will follow my example.

In the book, they have a section where you answer a few questions.  Maybe when you have a moment, you would like to do one of the exercises.  Here is the question posed:

“In twenty-five words or less, how would you summarize your primary mission, the most important task you’re trying to accomplish in your realms of leadership?”

Here was my answer:  “To lead by example, to be an inspiration, to lead from previous experience and knowledge.  To have an open mind and listen.  To understand different views, but to remain firm in the Truth and take a stand.  To show faith and perseverance.  To share my view in love.

I leave you with this quote from Mr. Swindoll:

“Like the bricks and mortar of a solid, ancient city wall, the bricks of excellent leadership must be placed on a foundation of the Bible and Godly character with the mortar of faith and fortitude.”

So I ask you again…What kind of leader are you?



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