This morning, I want to share a real eye-opener with you.  It’s very disturbing to see it all written down in black and white, for unfortunately…it is all true!  It’s time for all of us Believers to, “WAKE UP!”  and do what God has called us to do, while we still can!-anita

What if we lived in a world where God—His presence, His word, His truth—was expunged, even disallowed, from the daily discourse of human conduct and conversation? Where all the self-serving tenets of humanistic conduct and belief held sway at every turn in our daily lives? Well, unfortunately, that, in fact, is the very world in which we now live.

I’ve been reading extensively on this topic and find myself quite amazed at the foolishness and utter naiveté of society as it rushes headlong into a worldview it finds liberating! And liberation from what? God, truth, accountability, any absolutes, possible punishment for our behavior?

And what does a secularized society expect to find on the other side of that liberating phenomena? Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky , is a Christian thinker I very much respect. His take on the outcome of this great “liberation”: “This new worldview was based on the idea that final reality was impersonal matter or energy shaped into its present form by impersonal chance.” Further, “…the postmodern age [liberated society] from the great secular authorities of reason and rationality.” So, not only are we told to give up God, but let’s walk away from reason while we’re at it!

I’ve written on this topic before and am ceaselessly amazed that mankind is willing to ignore the clear signs of God-design all around us and chalk it all up to chance.  Dr. Mohler has quoted Dr. Carl F.H. Henry, the first editor of the Christian evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, as saying, “If modern culture is to escape the oblivion that has engulfed the earlier civilizations of man, the recovery of the self-revealed God … is crucially imperative.” Henry further states that, as mankind “returns to pagan misconceptions of [divine] rulers, or a divinized cosmos…[it] will bring inevitable disillusionment.” And  governments and leaders will seek to aggrandize themselves by taking credit for all manner of human rights and welfare, thus “eagerly preempting the role of [God}.”

What I find so curious is that mankind has such a short memory. We have reams of pages of history books that document the rise and fall of powerful governments, even governments that were “godly” in the sense that they were attendant to one or more gods recognized in their societies. From the Aztecs, to the Mayans, the Romans, the Greeks, the Zhou dynasty in China, the Magadha dynasty in India, and many others, all failed. And for individuals who portrayed themselves as omnipotent, almost divine, we have to look no further than Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, or Hirohito in the last century to see failed leaders responsible for intense suffering for their own followers, not to mention millions of others.

So, I muse, what makes people believe that any new iteration of government or starry-eyed leader is going to effect society with a different outcome? In my opinion, a society without God is a society without limits. If we try to live without a God-based, moral order, without a clear right and wrong or good and bad, we sink into a world were right is defined only by might. Forget “love thy neighbor.” If my neighbor has something I want, then I take it. Sounds like regression to a very primitive form of society to me!

For those relying on the world to meet their deepest needs, it’s also a society without hope. This ungodly vortex of self-first is hellish at best. All the teachings of our Lord are set aside: love, service, care, trust, all die at the altar of self. But wait, didn’t our Lord say that this would happen (read Romans 1 or John 15:18-19). That He and his followers will be despised and even persecuted. That the things of God will be set aside. Yet to know Him is the very basis of hope. No matter what foolishness the world decides to adopt—what self-serving leader the world may choose to follow blindly—God is still on His throne. His truth never changes. So I am not without hope.

What saddens me though, is that so many people hear and believe the false hope promoted by those of the world. So many fail to hear and believe the words of Him who is the essence of hope.  All the more reason that we, who know His truth, should continue in earnest telling His story. Because they for sure will never hear that story from the world.

By:  Lee Pierce


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