The following poem is from a book given to me by one of my dear friends.  She has since gone on to be with Jesus.  She now walks in the gardens of Heaven with her Savior, whom she loved so much!  See you soon, Virginia! -anita


“He will take us in the Garden

We will kneel, and He will pardon

As we pause beside Him praying

We will hear our Master saying:

Give your hearts to Me this day

In the Garden we will stay.


Midst the sunshine and the flowers

Life will seem like Heavenly bowers

And our hearts will turn to singing

And our souls with joy be ringing

As we sigh and dream and pray

On that gorgeous sacred way.


We will put our arms around Him

We will kneel because we’ve found Him

With our love we will caress Him

With our hearts we will possess Him

And we’ll walk there every day

With our Saviour just to pray.”

-From the book: THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE by: Hazel Hoffman and Audrey McDaniel


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