This morning, I was reading one of my devotionals.  It was talking about the most unselfish prayer of all time.  It is found in John 17.  Here is part of that passage where Jesus is praying:

“I have glorified you on the earth:  I have finished the work which you gave me to do.  I have manifested your name unto the men which you gave me out of the world:  yours they were, and you gave them to me; and they have kept your word.”

Now, look at verse 9.  This is the amazing part.  NOTHING will ever reach the heights of Jesus’ devotion to us found here in this verse!

In John 17:9, here is what Jesus prayed to the Father:

“I pray for them:  I pray not for the world, but for them which you have given me; for they are yours.”

WOW!  I’ve never actually SEEN that verse for what it is!  Think about what He is saying there….  Here is Jesus, in His final hour before being crucified…and He is praying for US…not Himself!  He is not praying for His own concerns, but He is beseeching God, and praying for us.

He did that then, in His greatest hour of need; but it didn’t stop there…He prays for us everyday.  When we fall into sin, He goes before the Father, and reminds Him that our sin has been paid for with His blood.  God the Father looks through the blood that we as saved souls have been washed in, and we are whiter than snow!

My friends and I share many burdens with each other, and we pray for each other about these burdens, and it is comforting.  But to KNOW that JESUS prays for me…WOW!  I’m overwhelmed at His love!

If your heart is heavy today…remember…JESUS IS PRAYING FOR YOU!


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