For the last two nights, the moon has been incredible!  Yesterday, when I woke up, it was still shinning brightly in the morning sky.  I jotted this down after viewing the breath-taking sight.

This morning when I awoke, I saw a full moon shinning brightly over an ocean of blue sky.  Clouds of orange, were clumped together like a huge coral reef.  A light cool breeze blew a few dark clouds slowly across the blue expanse, like ships going out to sea.  Stars encrusted the bottom of the dark “ships” like barnacles.

It reminded me of Faith.  When  I allow the breath of God to blow over me, the dark storm clouds of life slowly move into the distance, and the light of His glory and grace shines bright into my situation.  And yes, sometimes, I can even see the stars peeking through the dark! 

Whatever you need from the Lord today, ask Him from your heart, and then allow Him to breath over you and remove your dark clouds!

Anita Mondragon 10-16-2016

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