I have so many things I’m asking God for in regards to my children!  I know other mothers…friends of mine, who are seeking the same things from God for their children.

A couple of Sunday’s ago, our pastor was preaching on I Samuel, chapter 1.  It was talking about Hannah, and how she poured out her heart to God, asking Him for a child.  You’ve probably all read or heard the story; she prays, and believes, and is soon with child.    The thing is this, when she prayed, she made a VOW to God, saying that if He would give her a son…she would give him back…completely and unreservedly to God.

That is the hard part for me.  I want to hold on to my children…have a part in all that they do; but God wants us to let go, and let Him do what He wants to do with our children.

He designed us all in a unique way.  We all have a different purpose to fulfill.  Sometimes as parents, we want our kids to run the family business, be a doctor, a lawyer, or something we feel we should have been.  We want to live vicariously through our kids…but God has a plan for them just like He has for us.

I was kind of like Hannah the other day when I was praying for one of my children.  I know he’s been taught the TRUTH, and I want so much for him to come back and remember that truth.  I finally prayed, “Do whatever you have to do Lord to bring him back.  But please…just remember mercy! ”

I’m sure it was hard for Hannah to take Samuel to the temple at the age of 3, and leave him there…especially since she had waited for a child her whole life!  But she vowed to God that this is what she would do, and she kept her vow.  God blessed her for this, and it is my understanding that she had other children after him.

I think I’m preaching to myself right now…trying to remind myself that God is faithful, and will answer our prayers regarding our children.  So I say to all of you mom’s out there that are sad and weary, and heavy-hearted for your kids…put them in God’s hands.  LET GO of them…and LET GOD perform His will in their lives!


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