It’s amazing what just a hint of sunlight can do in changing our perspective of things!  Yesterday was dark, cold, and gloomy as rain and snow passed though Colorado.

I sat in my chair, close to the fireplace, wrapped up in fleece…trying to get warm!  I cringed as I realized…gone are those sunlit days, long hours of daylight and warm Summer breezes.  Fall and Winter are upon us!

This morning, I got up and saw light on the horizon.  Dark clouds were in the distance, but the brightness of the light seemed to over power them.  I thought about the dark, cold, gloomy days in my past; days when I could not seem to find the SON, or feel His warm presence.  Days when I let my worries, anxieties, anxious thoughts and depression cloud my world.  If I could have just remembered in my hour of despair to fall on my knees in prayer…I would have found the SON, and felt His warmth!

It’s still cool and foggy today, but I’m thankful for the hint of light I see outside my window!  The sun has risen in the sky now.  It is behind one of those dark clouds…shinning through, making it silver.  I know God’s light can shine through my darkness and give my life silver linings!

The light and love of God can make anything beautiful!

By:  Anita Mondragon November 2015

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