“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7a KJV


What the above verse is saying, is this; If you believe something in your heart long enough, that is what you will become.  If you don’t believe me…try this:  The next time you’re stuck in traffic, instead of getting angry and losing your patience, try to look at the situation in a different perspective.  This could be God, giving you a chance to slow down!  You know…you seem to hit every red light there is…or the guy in front of you takes forever at the Stop Sign…or there’s a train…a LONG train crossing.  I think God sends red lights, stop signs, and trains to make us slow down.  He wants us to “Stop and smell the roses,” like the old saying goes!

Or how about losing a loved one.  How do we handle that one?  Some of us realize that they have gone on to a better place if they knew the Lord.  Others of us become bitter about their passing.  Some can’t get over the loss, and grief eats them up.

How about when we are going through a tough time?  How do we deal with the situation?  Do we fret and worry?  Do we cry and complain?  Or, do we trust God, and KNOW that HE will come through for us?

We’ve all heard the short story about the half glass full of water.  It’s all in the perspective of how we see it.  Is it half empty?  Or, is it half full?

The way you perceive things will change your whole outlook, and either make your life joyous, and full…or sad and empty.

I want to lead a joyous life…how about you?


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