A couple of months back, we were on our way to church.  Traffic was horrible…almost bumper to bumper, so it was easy for me to read the bumper stickers on the  cars in front of us.  One was plastered with New Age messages, urging its readers to “Worship the Goddess.”  As we finally were able to pass this car, I noticed that the driver was a lady much older than myself.  I was thinking…and as is often the case, my mouth went into gear before assessing the weight of my words.   I said aloud, “That lady’s older than I am!  You’d think she’d have some sense by now!  What a stupid lady!”

My eight year old son was sitting in the back seat, taking it all in.  I believe God must have tapped him on the shoulder, for suddenly, he became a knowledgeable orator. He only spoke fifteen words in his sermonette to me…but they had an enormous impact!  He said, “Well mom, I think you were probably a stupid person before you found Jesus too!”


That shut me up!  There was no altar call given there, in the car…but my heart was stirred, and I confessed my sin of judging someone.  He was right!  Maybe she’d never heard of the saving power of Jesus!  I immediately admitted to him that I was wrong, and that I should be praying for her instead of judging her.

I guess I said all of that, to say this:  We must be careful of the things we say…especially in front of our children.  They are learning as they listen to us.  They follow our example, no matter if it’s good, or bad!  I don’t want my son to be judgmental of others.  I want him to be compassionate and learn to share his faith in Jesus!

All I can say is, “Lord, forgive me!  Help me be a better example…to my children, and to the world! …Oh yeah…and thanks for that BIG sermon from my little man!”