“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7  also read John 7:53-8:11


I have heard my dad preach on this passage many times.  It made an impact on my way of looking at folks.  The way my dad preached it showed me that I need to take a deeper look into what is going on.  Ask the “Why?” question as to what causes folks to do what they do…what made them into what they are?

Last night, I was looking at one of My Daily Bread booklets.  This story was in there.  Randy Kilgore, the writer of this particular piece, put it this way, and I quote: “As a group of religious leaders herded an adulterous woman toward Jesus, they couldn’t know they were carrying her within a stone’s throw of grace.  WOW!  what an awesome picture!

My dad used to say, “When Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground…was He perhaps writing the names of her accusers…reminding them that they had visited her in the middle of the night, and committed acts of adultery with her under the cover of darkness?”  Or did they only “think it in their heart”?  But Jesus said if you look at a woman and lust after her, you are guilty of adultery, for you have committed the deed in your heart and mind already!  Was that His way of letting them know that if they continued to accuse her…He would reveal their sins as well?  This question for me comes to mind as I read this:  “When the leaders continued to question Him, He invited any of them who had never sinned to throw the first stone, and then He started writing on the ground AGAIN.”  WHAT WAS HE WRITING?  The next time He looked up, they were gone.

Let’s put that into a more personal perspective.  How many times have you accused or judged someone for the sin they were in only to hear God speak your name and remind you that you too had been there once, and were guilty of the same thing?  I know I’ve heard God speak my name on many occasions when I had the audacity to judge someone for their sin!

Let’s sweep our own doorstep first…ask Jesus to clean up our own sin, before we try to clean someone else up.  When you’re praying about and for the sins of others…pray about and for your own sin first!  Remember the saying…“But for the grace of God, there go I!”  I don’t know about you…but I have no business throwing stones at anyone!