Yesterday, after reading my blog post, one of my friends sent me an email saying:  “What an incredible experience to be a part of!”    I’m sure he was speaking of the part where I told about hearing wings, and knowing the angels had come to take my grandfather away to Heaven. That statement of his, jarred my memory;  I began to remember many ‘mysteries’ that God has let me see a glimpse of and take part in.  In I Corinthians 15:51-53, we see that God imparted a glimpse…a mystery to the apostle Paul.  It was concerning us, the saved, being changed in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye; it was God showing him that death would be swallowed up in victory  through Christ Jesus!

I remember one time in particular.  Let me preface the following by saying, I was brought up in a Baptist home.  My dad was a Baptist preacher for over 40 years.  So I learned a lot about the Bible, its doctrines, etc.  Baptists acknowledge the Holy Spirit, and even accredit Him to being able to “seal us unto the day of redemption.”  However, many of them believe that the out-pouring, and manifestation of the Holy Spirit has ceased in this present time.

My husband and I began to attend a Pentecostal church in our early years of marriage.  There, my eyes were opened to the Holy Spirit, and I was convinced on many occasions, that He was still at work here…NOW.  I want to relate one experience I had that convinced me of this early on.

Shortly after we begin attending this Pentecostal church, I was driving down the street one day right there by the college–Denver University.  There was a car in front of me with bumper stickers plastered all over the back stating things about “The Goddess”.  I felt so sad in my spirit for this person who undoubtedly knew nothing of Jesus and His salvation, so I began to pray for the person driving the car.  It was Summer time, so my window was down.  We were at a stop-light, so I put my hand out the window, and began to pray.  I prayed that the Holy Spirit would reveal Himself to this person and bring her out of darkness.  All of a sudden, she stuck her head out the window and screamed at me, “Stop it!  YOU!  Stop praying for me!”  WOW!  That made me a believer!  There was no way she could have heard me praying for her.  It WAS the Holy Spirit dealing with her.  I was so excited, when the light turned green, I stayed on her tail for a few blocks and kept praying for her.  I remember I said out loud: “Sic her Lord!”

Is the Holy Spirit done here?  I don’t think so.  Every time we see a soul come to Jesus…that is His (the Holy Spirit) convicting power at work.

Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of one of your many mysteries!

By:  Anita Mondragon 2016