A lot of folks call themselves a Christian, but being a Christian actually means, “To be Christ-like.”  Are you… Christ-like, I mean?  Sadly, I must admit that most times, I am not like Christ at all!

Jesus was a simple man.  He didn’t wear clothes that would make him stand out in a crowd.  He didn’t adorn Himself with jewels, although He made every precious stone there is.  He didn’t demand those around Him to address Him as, Sir…or Your Highness; no, He was simply “Jesus.”

All kinds of folks invited Him over to eat; the very rich, and even the lowest of the low-the tax collectors.  In fact, one tax collector named, Zacchaeus, didn’t invite HIM…Jesus invited Himself to Zacchaeus’ house!  He allowed a common harlot to wash His feet with her tears of repentance.  He cooked fish on an open fire for His friends.  When people spoke to Him…He listened to them like He had all the time in the world.  By the way, He still listens to you like that when you pray!  He’s the kind of friend you’d always invite back!

He didn’t have a job that paid Him $100,000.00 a year…He was a carpenter.  He wasn’t angry or upset when Mary mistook Him for the gardener.  He washed His disciples feet.  He had no permanent home to go to.  He said regarding His homeless state, and I paraphrase…”Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man (Jesuphil-23s) has no where to lay His head.”

Every morning, He brings us a beautiful sunrise.  Every Sunday He invites us to sit at His table and be fed by His Word.  His ear is always open to hear our requests.  And the most amazing thing of all…He dwells in the hearts of those that call on His name and ask for salvation!

Jesus honors ALL mankind.  Afterall, He made us in His own image and He died to save us.  We are His priority.

We need to honor others and make them our priority as well.  That is being “Christ-like.”  That means…don’t “Hog” the spotlight…share the applause.  Be willing to come out of your comfort zone and care for those in need.  If you are wealthy, or in a high position, take time to talk to those who are not.  Look the homeless person in the eye…talk to them with dignity…listen to their response.

Regard others more than yourself!  Jesus does…so does love!

Anita Mondragon