Observing my dogs’ actions/reactions, has taught me so much!  I realized that the relationship between Teddy, and myself often reminds me of my relationship with God.

Teddy follows me everywhere; he’s always at my feet, or close behind.  I try to follow Jesus in everything I do, although I don’t always accomplish that desire!  I love to sit at my Savior’s feet and learn of Him…feel His presence.  It gives me so much comfort!

Everytime I eat, Teddy is right there…waiting for his portion.  I’m the same with God.  I remember He said in His Word, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8)  So, I wait for MY portion from God.

Sometimes I ‘beg’ Him for things that aren’t good for me…things that will harm me; and Jesus says, “I’m sorry child.  You can’t have that.  It may taste sweet at the beginning, but it will hurt you in the end!”  That’s the same thing I tell Teddy when he wants my chocolate bar!

Then there are times when I make Teddy, “Wait for it!”  God deals with me in the same manner.  He is going to give me what I’m asking for…but it has to be in HIS time, so He says, “Wait for it!”  That’s the hard part…for me and Teddy!

But Teddy KNOWS I love him and am looking out for his best interests.  He trusts me completely!  When all is said and done, I KNOW God feels the same about me.  He loves me with an unfailing love and will always do what is best for me.  I KNOW I can trust Him implicitly with my life!

For being a ‘dumb’ animal, Teddy sure has taught me a lot of things…and all without saying a word!

By:  Anita Mondragon Sept 2016

4 thoughts on “OBSERVE…AND LEARN!

  1. When I was living down in the Phoenix area (about 20 years ago), I recall a communion devotional a young man gave where he talked about his dog. He told about how his dog (seems like a lab maybe) was a big, lovable, romper required to be walked on a leash down at the nearby park. But as dusk would set in and the park began to clear out, sometimes he would unleash the dog and let him have some freedom to run and play.

    During these times he would throw a stick or a ball and the dog would fetch it. But then invariably he would watch as the dog would go off course – just a bit. Perhaps a rabbit or something would distract him. At those moments, the master would patiently watch, and occasionally hide behind a tree to observe the dog begin to get concerned. The dog would look this way and that, and then after a minute he would begin sniffing and back tracking his trail until finally the master would pop out of hiding and give him a good squeeze.

    The young man telling it then said that communion is a touch stone like that for him. He spoke about how he loves God, follows God with all his heart, and then sometimes gets distracted just a bit. At such times, he too begins to grow concerned when he cannot see his Master plainly. He finally goes to sniffing and back tracking. But the communion meal seems to always be the reunion.

    What can I say… for good or ill, the devo thought has always stayed with me. And your post reminds me of it.


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  2. Look up the meaning of the word “worship”. There is a lot there to explore actually, but one of the definitions regularly put forward is “Kiss” and/or “A dog’s lick of his master’s hand”.

    Dogs teach us worship.

    I think that is what you are describing.



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