On this Labor Day morning…it’s time to grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, relax and read this great one from Lee! -anita


I was looking out my kitchen window this morning at some of the large trees that sit along the creek bank outside. To my amazement I noticed that several of the branches had leaves that already were bright yellow in clear anticipation of the coming autumn.

Now I admit, as much as I love summer, the continual days of 90+ temperatures had me longing for more temperate weather. But I certainly wasn’t quite ready to surrender to fall as of yet!

Psalm 19 talks of creation speaking of the One who created. The psalm speaks of the “heavens” telling of the glory of God [Ps 19:1] but, by extension, clearly ALL of creation is beholding to Him. “Their voice has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.” [Ps 19:4]

According to Rev. Joe Holland at The Christward Collective, humanity is sometimes viewed by “environmentalists” as a scourge on the earth. Somehow, the planet would be better off if we weren’t on it. Certainly, not all of mankind’s actions toward the earth have been worthwhile or healthy. Rev. Holland notes, however, “Christians have always been the real naturalists, rejecting the idea that humanity is a scourge on the earth and instead asserting that all of creation is meant to drive humans to seek and know the one true God.” He says that is “the real aim of nature’s beauty.”

As a card-carrying creationist, I look at all the beauty in my world and it convinces me that this didn’t just happen by some act of chance (actually millions upon millions of alleged acts of chance, I guess). It seems to me that one of the defining messages of supposed evolution is that things don’t evolve for reasons of beauty but rather to survive. So, in my mind, I have to ask: “Why is there so much beauty in what I see all around me?” Even beauty marred by sin—what I see in my world looks pretty incredible and, if it has been somewhat diminished by the presence of sin, just how wonderfully beautiful can creation possibly get! I suppose the new heaven and earth are the answer to that question.

So, as we look on and admire the natural beauty all around us, we need to take the next step and admire (worship) the Creator God who made all of this beauty happen. He wants us to see all the glory of creation and conclude that its creator is someone we should get to know well. And by His grace, we can do just that!

By:  Lee Pierce


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