broken things

Do you ever take a REAL good look at yourself sometimes and wonder, “Why did God pick me to carry His message?”

I wonder and ponder on that a lot in regards to  my own self!  I’m far from perfect…at times my temper gets the best of me…I tend to pass judgment…I have fear and doubt that assail my heart; my faith wanes in the dark storm clouds of life, and at times, my speech betrays what really lies in my heart.

HOW COULD AN ALL POWERFUL GOD USE A MESSED UP PERSON LIKE ME?  And furthermore…WHY would He want to?  I’m sure there are more perfect specimens that He could choose from, of what a Christian should be; so… WHY ME?

Then I read  the following quote in a book by my favorite author, Max Lucado.

“Jesus doesn’t limit His recruiting to the stout-hearted.  The beat up and worn out are prime prospects in His book, and He’s been known to climb into boats, bars, and brothels to tell them, ‘It’s not too late to start over.” –Max Lucado (Mocha with Max)

WOW!  That is good news!  God is always ready to forgive!  And He will use anyone that will come to Him with a contrite spirit.

So, the next time Satan whispers to your heart, and tells you that, “You’re worthless!  God can’t use YOU!  Look at your life…how could he ever use that?”,  you remind him that because of forgiveness…


Anita Mondragon

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