I don’t believe I have posted this before, but if I have, please forgive me.

The following is the first poem I ever wrote.  I recall speaking with a friend of mine at the time who was in charge of a poetry group.  She knew I wrote children’s stories, and urged me to try writing poetry.  I told her I knew nothing about writing poetry, but would pray about it and see if it was something God wanted me to pursue.  That same night, I was awakened with the following words traveling through my mind at the speed of light.  Afraid of missing anything I was hearing, I jumped out of bed,  grabbed the first piece of paper I could find, (which was the back of an envelope,) found a pencil, (it was an eye make up pencil,) went to the bathroom, and wrote this with the night-light on.  The words were coming so fast, it was done in about five minutes.

I guess God DID want me to pursue poetry, for I am still writing!  Hope you enjoy!-anita



Lost?  I’m not lost…not lost in Your peace;

Not lost, although I want to be…

Lost like a flame burning bright at noon…

Or maybe a raindrop in the sea!

I struggle with life from day-to-day,

Trying to do things my own way;

Even though I’ve heard folks

say and say, “Jesus has peace,

And He just gives it away!

He don’t require worry, blood, sweat, or tears;

Just call out His name,

And He’ll vanquish your fears!”

So, I said to myself, “I’m gonna give this a try,

Cuz if things don’t change soon, I’m gonna die!”

Well…it’s all different now,  I’m happy to say.

When fear comes now, He just casts it away!

With one word on my lips, I just have to say, “JESUS!”

And…POOF! …fear goes away!

Now, I won’t lie and say I never hear

Another voice sometimes speak loud in my ear.

This voice says, “You’re lost!  You’re lost!!

And things are SO unclear!”

And, momentarily, I listen…

Momentarily, I fear;

But then the name, JESUS, shines in my head bright as day,

And I turn with boldness, and to this voice I say…

“Lost?  I’m not lost!  Not lost, although YOU want me to be.

See…I’ve been found by the ONE who died for me!

When I call out His name, He casts away fear…

So, go on now!  Go away!  Disappear!”

Then peace like a river starts flowing through me…

There’s no more chaos…only harmony!

By:   Anita Mondragon -December 2004

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