I’m sure that most, if not all of us, have watched the Terminator movies.  There was one line in those movies, that has haunted me since I first heard it.  It was, “Come with Me, if you want to live…”

There is a great spiritual application to this phrase.  Jesus stands, everyday, with His arms outstretched, saying these same words.  To the Believer’s ear, it means, “Come and live the abundant life I have promised you, if you will follow me….”  To the Unbeliever, it is an invitation to not only an abundant life, but to an ETERNAL life.

After hearing that phrase in the movie, I wrote this poem, entitled, “Come With Me…If You Want To Live!”  Hope you see the relevance!-anita


There’s no other way out…

It has to be done.

She’s tried everything…

Now, there’s nowhere to run.

It has nothing to offer…

She’s so tired of this life.

But how should she end it?

With pills?…or a knife?

As she tries to decide,

Which method to use,

Her mind says, “It won’t matter…

All to gain…none to lose!”

But then, there He is…

Not to take, but to give.

He says, “Come with Me,

If you want to live!”


He wakes up in the alley,

Just like every other day;

Heart beating, eyes open…

But that’s about all you can say.

His limbs shake violently.

He already needs a drink…

In need of a bath, smelling of liquor,

And his clothes reek, and stink!

This just isn’t living…

It’s a mere existence.

But he’s tired and he’s weary…

So he offers no resistance.

Through his delirium, he sees Jesus…just standing there;

Not to take…but to give.

And he hears Him say, “If you’re tired of this…

Come with Me, if you want to live!”


In search of love,

She walks the streets.

But, she can’t seem to find what she needs.

Night after night, she searches in vain,

As her heart grows cold

From her deeds.

She’s about to give up, in quiet despair…

But, then she sees Him…He’s just standing there.

He’s not there to take…but only to give.

He says, “Come with Me, if you want to live!”


He’s wasted and high…

Strung out on dope;

No forseeable future,

No sign of hope.

He’s a junkie, and addict…

He can’t see a way out;

A prisoner in bondage,

A heart full of doubt!

He hates his existence!

He longs for the normal…

But every day is the same,

With unrest and turmoil!

Then He, appears…

Not to take, but to give;

And He says, “Come with Me…

If you want to live!”


Alone in a nursing home,

With her family all gone;

Every day is a struggle…

Life’s no longer a song!

She dreams of the past,

Of sweet days gone by….

Her cheeks glisten like gold,

As she weeps and she cries!

All alone in her rocker,

She prays for the day,

When Death, will come…

And just take her away.

But, wait!  Who is this?

He’s just standing there…

He’s come not to take,

But to give…

He beckons to her, as she hears Him say…

“Come with Me, if you want to live!”


I remember a time, feeling all alone,

And wanting to end it all.

I wished for Death, but he never came…

Instead, I heard Jesus’ voice call.

In my war-zone, called life,

He came to me.

He said, “I died….

So that you could be free!

I came not to take…

I came just to give,

So, take my hand…

“Come with Me, if you want to live!”


Wherever YOU are, on life’s battlefield,

His message remains the same.

He waits for YOU with arms opened wide…

Just come, and call out His name!

It’s all so clear!  He came, not to take…

He only wants to give!

He’s waiting for YOU!  Can’t you hear Him say…


By:  Anita Mondragon May 2007

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