Here’s one from my husband, Mike.  Enjoy!-anita


We try to fill the void inside with what the world provides,
In hopes we will find happiness for our dreary, empty lives,
But, my friend it’s only temporary, like chasing after the wind,
The things of this world simply won’t fulfil, the emptiness within.
We waste the time in mundane things, but the world won’t satisfy,
For we can never know what’s missing, until Christ comes inside,
For God created us to need Him, and to that end He gave,
His only begotten Son, Jesus, who defeated Death and Grave,
He died, then rose in three days, to bring new life and peace,
and so He reconciled us to Him as it was meant to be.
We need to stop and ask ourselves, What are we looking for?
And can we truly be fulfilled, If we don’t ask the Lord,
To come inside and bring the change, That’s needed in our lives
So we will find that true happiness, Which is only found in Christ!

Michael Mondragon 05/27/2015