Here is another poem I found in the garage the other day.  It really fits!  All the while we were at church on Sunday, in Castlewood Canyon, I was looking around at our congregation in awe!  We have a great group of folks that not only love the Lord…but they love each other!  I’m so glad I’ve come to know all of you at The Gathering!  You are all blessings from the Lord in my life!-anita


“Our friends are like angels,

Who brighten our days.

In all kinds of wonderful,

Magical ways.


Their thoughtfulness comes,

As a gift from above,

And we feel we’re surrounded,

By warm, caring love.


Like upside-down rainbows,

Their smiles bring the sun.

And they fill ho-hum moments,

With laughter and fun.


Friends are like angels,

Without any wings.

Blessing our lives,

With the most precious things!”

By:  Unknown


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