This is one of the things I found in the garage.  It was scribbled on an empty envelope.  I have no idea how many years ago I wrote this.  -anita


I know my daddy passed away,

These many years, gone by…

But I think I caught a glimpse of him,

In the early morning sky!

He loved to paint while here on earth,

On canvas, stretched so wide.

I’ve seen him many times before

While I stood at his side.

Early this morn, I saw a cloud,

It was so small at first;

But as I watched, that cloud did grow…

It looked like it would burst!

Those tiny wisps…they grew and grew,

With each brush stroke, he’d add anew.

I can’t explain the joy I felt!

My heart inside, began to melt!

The tears rolled down my face in awe;

I couldn’t believe the things I saw.

He was better now than he’d ever been…

And I could almost see him grin!


I miss you dad!  Love you so much!

By:  Anita Mondragon