One of the things we as Christians should do regularly is thank our Lord for freeing us from the bonds of death & sin. As you undoubtedly know, that’s what the Cross was about, at least in great measure. But there are other bonds (chains, a heavy yoke) that we carry around with us and from which we suffer and are tormented.

As I was praying this morning and thanking God for the freedom from sin & the bonds of death, another thought came to me. That thought: we have freedom from the bonds of doubt! For me at least, and probably for you, doubt is a killer. It kills our joy sometimes, saps our energy and enthusiasm, and even wedges its way between us & our loving God.

Doubt is that nagging feeling that there’s no way out of ____ (you fill in the blank). No one can fix this; no one can help us through this trial. Sometimes that feeling is fairly vague; at other times it’s debilitating and physically shuts us down. We can hardly move…literally.

But, as with everything hurtful in our life, God refuses to let the negatives steal our joy of living in Him. It often takes a lot of doing but, with the help of the Spirit of God, we can overcome the doubt and just trust in Him. God tells Israel many times in Holy Scripture (and we who are saved are “Israel”) to trust in Him and He will deliver. As Anita mentioned in her blog post recently, it’s a matter of waiting for His time & His way. I know, sometimes that’s easier said than done….

So if you’re facing some issue that causes you to doubt, fight back in the power of God. Push back those feelings of doubt & uncertainty and rejoice that God will show you a way out…in His time, in His way, and to His glory. Wait with joyful expectation, because God already has His hand on it, and on you!

By:  Lee Pierce

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