It’s been said that confession is good for the soul.  So…I guess it’s time for me to come clean on something from my past.  Keep in mind, this event lasted only a few moments…but it revealed the content of my heart.  This was years ago, and I was shocked at what I saw in myself then.  Problem is…at times, I still struggle with the same feelings.  You know…when you come face to face with someone who thinks they are superior to everyone else?  Yeah…you all know what I’m talking about!


So…I sat down and wrote this.  Mike and I were working at the same Insurance company at the time.  Our Office Manager was the worst…I’m sure we’ve all had one!  The following, is an experience I had one day when passing her in the hall-way.  It was a REAL eye-opener for it showed me the state of my heart in regards to her.  See if you can identify…Betcha can!


I was walking down the hall at work, and piously smiled at one of my co-workers, all the while, thinking in my heart…”You Witch!”

That’s when it hit me!  I’m a Christian!

…How can I feel this way towards someone?  Suffice it to say, my evaluation of her was, and is correct.  She is in a place of authority, and has the power to make our work-day more bearable; but instead, she chooses to go to the other extreme, and see how miserable she can make things for us! …NOT BECAUSE WE DESERVE IT…BUT JUST BECAUSE SHE CAN!  AND…SHE ENJOYS WATCHING ‘THE PEONS’ SQUIRM!

Does she KNOW God?  Vaguely at best.  …Do I KNOW God?  Intimately!  So what is my problem?  He lives in my heart, and I let Him control me completely!

…Well…ALMOST!  All except that one little space that I reserve for those special moments like “The Hall Experience!”

Do any of you have someone in authority that you hold contempt for?  Pray for them…but pray for yourself first!

Anita Mondragon 2007