And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.  Genesis 1:16 KJV


There is much speculation on what we will find on Jupiter, since Juno arrived.  Scientists are hoping to find out just “How” it was formed.  So…1.1 Billion dollars, and 5 years later…they think they are about to find out.

Why do we, as humans, need to analyze and probe every thing we cannot explain or understand?

In the verse above, the Bible says that GOD MADE the Sun and Moon, as well as the stars.  It was all right there…in Genesis.  No need to spend Billions of dollars, or waste time to find an answer.  The answer to the cosmos, and everything else for that matter, can be found in Scripture.

The problem is our lack of Faith, and our willingness to trust God at His word.  We exercise faith in our every day lives with the mundane…but can’t seem to grasp the concept of faith when it comes to the unknown.

For instance, I daresay that most of us do not fully understand the way our car engine works…yet each and everyday, we climb in, turn on the key, and expect it to take us to our needed destination!  The same holds true for the watch we wear.  Unless you are a watch maker, or repair watches and clocks…you have no idea how it works…yet you put complete faith in that time piece to keep you from being late to your appointments, etc.

My dad used to use an illustration in his sermons regarding the “Happen Chance” theory of the world, and how it came to be.  He likened the creation of the world to a fine Swiss watch.  He used to say, and I quote: “Swiss watches are the finest watches available.  They run for years, and never lose a second.  They keep perfect time.  But I submit to you, that you could take that fine Swiss watch apart, put all the parts in a shoe box, and shake it around forever…until all the parts disentrigrated…and that watch would never…NEVER fall into place and keep time!  It needs a master watch maker to put it all together.  The same holds true for the Universe.  ALL the parts of the Universe work harmoniously because SOMEONE…namely, GOD ALMIGHTY…THE MASTER of ALL things, put it together!” -Pastor M. B. Schuessler

Even though my dad was not an extremely ‘educated’ man, and his illustrations were simple and down to earth, he knew what the Bible said about faith…”Without faith…it is impossible to please God.”  However crude his illustration of the watch, it is TRUTH…pure and simple.  “Things” do not fall into perfect place and work as they should; everything needs a Master Builder!

Anita Mondragon July 2016