Today, is the 4th of July…the day  we celebrate our independence from tyranny.

The freedom we have come to know here in the United States, has come at a high price.  Many men and women have died to keep this nation free since its’ birth.

But, I’d like to remind you of another man who died so that you might be free.  His name is Jesus.  He died over two thousand yeas ago for all mankind so that we could be free from our sins.  The way to receive that freedom?  …Just call out to Him.  The Bible says, “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.”  It’s that simple!  If you want true freedom…take the gift He so freely gave!

Every November, I celebrate my own independence/dependence day.  I was under Satan’s rule for seventeen years before I met my Liberator.  His name is JESUS. Ever since I called on Him, I have been free!   It’s been forty-seven years now, since I have been liberated from the tyranny Satan had me under; and I am fully dependent upon my Savior, Jesus Christ!  I look to Him for everything, and He always comes through!

If you want Independence from Satan, you must become Dependent upon God Almighty.

Today as you celebrate with family and friends, remember the sacrifice that was made for your freedom;  not only the freedoms you enjoy living here in the United States…but also the freedom you can have through Jesus Christ.  Accept His sacrifice…you’ll be glad you did!