Here’s a good one from our own Lee Pierce!  Enjoy! -anita


Did you ever think about what Adam did in the fall and wonder why we got painted with the same brush? I mean, maybe if someone else was in the Garden, maybe they wouldn’t have had the desire to eat from the one tree that was made off-limits by God? Maybe you or I would have done a better job of being obedient to God’s directives?

I’ve thought about this and, honestly, often have felt it is unfair that, because Adam blew it, we all have to suffer.

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for very long, you’ve probably seen me quote something from one of my most favorite theologians, Dr. R.C. Sproul. And, I’m about to do so once again. I am most grateful to Dr. Sproul for his wonderful insights into the things of God. He so often manages to take my childish thinking & sets it on a much better path. Sounds like what a good teacher should do, don’t you think?

In Sproul’s teaching series, The Drama of Redemption, he reminds us that through Adam sin entered the world and so death spread to all men (Rom 5:12). In God’s sovereignty, He has ordained that Adam was our federal representative in that Garden. Adam’s actions get imputed to us. Well, now, my brain cries out: that’s not fair! God, why didn’t you put someone else in the Garden…one who wouldn’t slip and fall so easily and put us all in the “sin-pickle” we’re all in now??? And further, why do we have to take the rap when it was Adam who failed, not me?!  Dr. Sproul makes the point that we didn’t get the chance to elect Adam, God appointed him. And, to my meager mind, that just doesn’t seem fair… or does it?

Dr. Sproul goes on to say in effect, however, what makes you, Lee, think you could do a better job?! Sproul continues, “God makes perfect choices, so if He wanted someone to make the choice we would have made in the same circumstances, there was no better option than Adam.”  Really! No, God, I’m pretty sure I would have followed your dictate & avoided that tree. At least that’s what my mind wants me to believe.

In my heart, though, when I’m completely honest, I can think back to many, many times when there was a choice before me, and I opted for the choice that I knew would bring trouble. And I still made that foolish choice! Speaking for God here, Sproul says, “Adam’s choices are our choices.” I hate it, but down deep, I know that’s true. It’s a fingers-on-the-hot-stove phenomenon for me. So many times I just have to try it to see what it feels like. Wow. And even more amazingly, I’m often so surprised when my finger gets burned & it hurts!

No, Sproul is right. Every one of us has a streak of curiosity that so often leads to burned fingers.

Thankfully, God in His great wisdom provided One who did not fail. Who was perfectly obedient. Who stood in for us and was victorious in doing so. One whose fingers were not burned for choices made…but whose hands were pierced for making the choices He made…for us. Thank you, precious Lord!

By:  Lee Pierce

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