This morning, as I got my husband off to work, I thanked him for all that he does for us.  He exhausts himself, working long, hard hours at a job he dislikes, to give us not only the things that we need… but the things that we want as well.  He takes care of us.  Sometimes, I’m sure it seems to him that I take all of that for granted.  I really don’t…but I need to tell him how thankful I am, and I fail to do that most of the time.

Then I remembered my own dad.  He did the same for us.  He was a pastor of a church, and held down a full-time job as a mechanic.  He also did side jobs when they became available.  He did whatever it took to care of us.  I should have thanked him more!

That’s what God has done for all of us from the beginning. He gave His Only Son to die…not just for me…but for the whole world!   Everything He does, is for our good, and our prosperity.  He pursues us with an unending love.  Sometimes, when I am a wayward daughter, I wonder if I exhaust Him in His pursuit of my well-being.  I need to tell Him more often how grateful I am for all that He’s done for me.  I need to thank Him for His mercy and grace!

So…today…I give thanks to all the men in my life!  I thank my husband for taking care of us.  I thank my daddy for his hard work to provide.  I thank God for sending Jesus to save me, and for His never-ending  grace and mercy towards me!  Like the song says, “If not for grace…I’d be a hopeless case…an empty place…if not for grace!”  I’m not sure who wrote those words, but they are truth!

Ladies… thank your husbands for going to work everyday and giving you what you need and want!  Children…tell your daddy’s, “Thank You!” for providing a nice home and all that it includes!   Most of all…let us ALL give thanks to The Father above.  Let us tell Him everyday,  “You’re a GOOD, GOOD Father!”

Anita Mondragon -2016

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