I’m not sure if I’ve already posted this…if I have, please forgive me for posting it again. -anita


In the still valley, there is a quietness

Yet I hear all the songs in my heart.

The music floats softly around me,

It’s hushed…but I hear every part.

These songs that I hear have no words,

Yet sweet and clear they resound, like the songs of a bird.

Far…in the depths of the ocean,

Are restless waves that shall never reach the shore.

But here in the valley of silence,

There’s rest far away from their roar.

Here, their unrest cannot reach me;

Though their treacherous waves never cease.


I have dreams of God, and His angels…

Their footsteps, I scarcely can hear.

They pass through this valley so quietly,

Yet I know they are very near!

Their presence is always surrounding…

Their peace is ever abounding!

You ask, “Where’s this place?…Where’s this valley,

Where a burdened soul can be blessed?”

It’s just beyond the mountain of Sorrow,

Through the stream of Prayer…

Just yonder…there…in the field of Rest!

By:  Anita Mondragon May 2005

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