So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I
will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10


I went to bed singing that song last night, and woke up with it still resounding in my ears!
God has done some amazing things for us this week. Some may call them insignificant, but we call them miracles! To start off with, one of our kids wanted our couch and chair/ottoman. It was oversized for our living room, so we gave it to them for very little. This meant we had nothing to sit on until they were replaced. Thank God for Craigslist! We found a loveseat, decorator chair, couch table, large mirror, and huge side table all for less than what one chair would have cost us! That was miracle number one this week.
We went to the grocery store yesterday. They had a lot of things we had on our list marked down.When we got home, and checked the receipt, they had failed to give us the mark-down price, and had actually charged us for some items we did not buy. My husband took the receipt back, hoping they would make things right…it would have been about $12.00.
They ended up giving us everything for free that they charged wrong for! It was $35.00 worth of items! That was miracle number two.
I was in the midst of making beans and green chile when the phone rang. It was for an interview call that my husband has been waiting on for months! He applied for this job about seven months ago. They had him in for several interviews, and even sent him for his physical. Then…he heard nothing more.   When the call came through yesterday, the man said he couldn’t figure out why they had not hired my husband the last time they interviewed him! He has an appointment set to talk with them again at the end of this month! That was miracle number three!
These may seem like small victories to some of you…but to us, they were just what we needed!  On this ocean of life, when the storm clouds gather, and my ship is going down…these “little” miracles are what keep me afloat…keep things in perspective. God KNOWS what I need…and if I’ll just hang on to these small victories…He will come through for me in the end.
All I can say at this point, is…LORD…YOU’RE MIGHTY!!