“Lord, I am Thine, entirely Thine, purchased and saved by blood divine.  With full consent, Thine I would be, and own Thine sovereign right in me.” -Unknown


Thank God It’s Friday!  I woke up with that thought in mind.  I had a very fitful sleep last night…which equals almost no sleep at all.  What was to have been a peaceful time of hugs, kisses, and bedtime prayers, turned into a thirty minute Bible lesson with my child, regarding the woes of lying.  Oh…don’t you dare think less of my son!  If you’re a mom and have small children, you have all had that conversation before…more than once!  And might I add…if you haven’t…you should!

That was just the beginning of a restless night!  I had been sleepy when I first crawled the stairs to bed…but after that dissertation, I was wide awake!  Not to mention the heat.  It was unbearable in our upstairs room!  Even the fan in the open window provided little assistance.  Then…there was the dog.  Teddy.  Love him to death…but he has to snuggle up next to me with his furry self, and I’m already feeling as if I’m having a heat stroke!  My poor husband had a tough day at work, and was having a hard time settling down as well.  What we ALL needed was PEACE!

When I got up this morning to do the regular things…make the bed, take the dog out, make breakfast/lunch for my husband, water the plants outside…my mind was in a fog!  Then I remembered the Promise Box.  As I reached for a Truth that would help me through this day, I prayed, “Lord…I don’t even know what to ask You for.  I’m exhausted, irritable, and down-right cranky this morning…so just help me.  Give me whatever promise I need…just for today…just for this moment, just for right now!”  Here’s what He gave me:

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10

Well…that changed things!  God does not want me to merely exist…He wants me to thrive!  So why am I still wallowing in the woes of yesterday???  After all…I know His mercies are new every morning!

So I knelt before Him in the throne room of my heart, and asked Him to give me Peace…and an abundant life today.  I have to tell you…that prayer made all the difference in the world.


Anita Mondragon-2016

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