Twenty-three years ago, today, a most wonderful thing happened to me!

Seventeen years before, my beautiful daughter, Jessica was born.  She was a miracle…a gift from God.  I felt so blessed to have her.  As time went by, and she became a teen ager, I finally  accepted the fact that no more babies were in my future.  That was a hard thing for me to swallow, because I had always said I wanted ten children.  Of course, after I had the first, (and found out it wasn’t that easy), I took my count down to three! LOL!  But, after seventeen years, I stopped asking God for more, and decided that He knew what was best for me.

Then, out of the blue, at forty-one years of age, I became pregnant again!  God was actually going to bless me with another miracle from His nursery in Heaven!

At first, I thought something terrible was wrong with me…Cancer came to mind.  My body was racked with pain, and my doctor friend wrote me a prescription for naproxen.  It didn’t work.  Finally I decided to have a mammogram.  I did work at a hospital after all!  When they told me I was pregnant…I was in total shock!  That meant I was going to deliver a baby at the age of forty-two!  Oh My!  I was encouraged to abort, because of my age, and the high probability of having a Down Syndrome baby; but I chose to put it in God’s hands and let Him take care of things.  I knew He had a plan for this child, and I was going to see it through to the end.  And if you’re a mom, you know “the end” isn’t over till you die.  You just keep on praying for your children that God will work out His plan through them!

Well, here we are…twenty-three years later, and my son, Micah Aaron is alive and well!  Thank the Lord!  He is such a blessing to me!  So talented!  He can play almost any musical instrument he picks up…and play it well!  Smart as a whip!  Figured out on his own how to do graphic design stuff…he even did my book cover!  It is phenomenal!  But the best thing about him is his sensitivity.  He has a heart for others, and isn’t afraid to show his love!  I’ve witnessed his concern and compassion for those on the street, stopping to chat, making them feel valued, and then slipping some money to them.  He is truly a blessing to me…and others!

So…today…I want to say a special “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to my son, Micah.  He is not here to celebrate his day with us…he’s on vacation.  But this goes out to you my son, with all my love!  You really are a special gift from God to me, and I am so blessed to be your mama!


One thought on “HAPPY DAY!

  1. p.s. To all you readers out there…God gave me my three children. My husband and I were blessed once again to adopt a son, Joel. I was 55 when that occurred. God truly will give you the desires of your heart…just ask Him! It’s never too late! -anita


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