Here’s another one from my daughter!  Enjoy!-anita



A farmer knows prior to his vision of a bountiful harvest or the planting of seed, he must first tend to the soil.  

It must be rich and nourishing to produce and even after the seeds have been planted the toiling process continues.  First the earth must be tilled, removing any roots and breaking up the hardened clumps until it has become soft and pliable.  Then the Gardener must nourish the seeds with rich food and provide a protective covering to guard from the harsh winds and beating rays that are sure to visit. At times the plant may require pruning.  This process is harsh…the plant may be ugly for a time… but it always grows back with more strength…more fruit. Most of all, the Gardener must have patience.  In the end, if all this has been done correctly, he will be blessed as he watches his crop become more abundant.

I love gardening and every year the kids and I spend several weeks carefully planning every detail.  However, I knew this summer would be unusually busy so after much deliberation we chose to do very little.  I quickly mapped out where every seed would lie and we got to work.  In one particular part of the yard I knew I would have a bit more of a challenge since this was the first time planting in this area.  I did everything I should have to prepare the soil, or so I thought.  At first, I had a beautiful lush lavender plant but after a few weeks despite my constant care it became a crispy, brown mess.  Frustrated, I yanked it out of the ground.  I needed to see what the problem was.  I had to dig fairly deep…but there it was…tree roots.  At first, the plant was thriving but as it’s roots grew deeper it became entangled with the maple and it’s life was choked out by something stronger.

This can happen in our own lives…

Our hearts are very much like the soil…

Recently I reached out to someone who had been through a horrible tragedy.  We’ve known each other for many years but we are not friends.  To be honest, I highly dislike this woman and all the lies she has spread about me.  However, she does claim to be a Christian and more than that she is a person.  When I heard about what had happened I reached out in kindness and was genuinely relieved to hear that she and her family were safe.  I was met with her usual hostility and her lies continued.  It hurt.  It made me angry and God got an ear full from me that night.  But here is the cool thing – I did what I knew to be right, and in turn, God blessed me!  Her hurtful actions were the very thing God used to expose the lie that had taken deep root within my heart…so deep in fact…I didn’t realize it’s existence. The way God works just cracks me up!  The very thing my enemy used to try to entangle me is the very thing God used to set me free. That’s how much He loves ME!  AND that’s how much He loves you!

Until then…

By:  Jessica Lutz- August 2012



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