I give you another wonderful blog from my daughter, Jessica Lutz.  I know you’ll enjoy this one! -anita


God always answers our prayers…perhaps not the way we would like…maybe not in our time…but there is always an answer.

Many of you know that our oldest daughter Ally has been struggling with her faith for some time now.  She was angry.  Angry with Christians.  She was hurt by what she saw…and to be honest… I can’t blame her.  What she saw was ugly.

As her eyes witnessed more and more she decided there was no God.

You get one life.
Then you die.
So live it up.
Was her motto.

It was difficult to watch her walk through this journey.  Many times I wanted to step in…control…but I knew it had to be her choice… not mine.  As a family we cried out to God.  He was relentless in His pursuit but her heart hardened more.  We kept praying

This past week had been a long one filled with pressures, stress and drama.  My husband and I…well…we got into a BIG fight.  You know – the kind where you want to reach out and touch someone – touch them by ringing their scrawny neck.  We did work things out and all was good by Saturday evening but we were exhausted.  The last thing that either of us wanted to do on Sunday was go to church.  To make matters worse we have not had a church home for over a year now, so we were not going to some place familiar but once again visiting.  I literally had to peel my flesh from the sheets and order my steps to the shower.  I know – not the best attitude.  However, we made it – early – a miracle.

My bad attitude was quickly changed and things were put into perspective when my husband pulled me out of the service.  I barley turned the corner when Ally blurted out that she had accepted Jesus as her Savior!  Tears streamed down her face and the rest of us busted out bawling.  My heart could not have been happier.  I just want to say THANK YOU to all our family and friends that have been praying!

I love my little girl and I am SO proud of the amazing young lady she is becoming.  That never changed…whether she believed in God or not.  But knowing now that she has the truth, and that is what will guide her through this life gives me great joy and peace.

What I was reminded of is: sometimes we go through the darkest times right before God is going to do something big in our life or in the lives of those we love.  I hope that encourages you… if your life is turned upside down right now…things seem hopeless…hang on…you never know what tomorrow may hold.  God is bigger than any obstacle.

Until then…

By:  Jessica Lutz  August 30, 2011

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