“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11


The above verse is the mantra, the motto of our church.  I was reminded of its truth yesterday when I had a surprised visit from my neighbor, and now friend, Dwayne.  He and his wife stopped by to thank us for our prayers, and ministry.  They were referring to the turkey we took over for Thanksgiving (remember when the church passed out all those Tom Turkeys?).  That one gesture of kindness made a huge impact on them and their Spiritual walk with the Lord.  Truth is…every Sunday morning we pass by their house on our way to church, I whisper a prayer for them.  It was so rewarding to know that God used our kindness and prayers to bring about their healing!

A few months back, I blogged about Dwayne and his struggles.  I am so happy to say, he is back on the right track, going to church, and trying to get his life back together!  I know that this will be good news for those of you who prayed for his recovery.

My point is this…GOD DOES HAVE A PLAN FOR ALL OF US!  Yes…even those of us who appear to be as lost as a  goose in a snow storm!  Even those of us who stand on the street corner with a cardboard sign, and beg for money.  Even those of us who sleep in alleys and doorways.  And yes…even those of us who drive nice cars, live in mansions, and think we have it all together.

The guy in the mansion, has slipped and fallen just like the guy on the street corner.  Oh, maybe not so far that anyone would notice because the guy in the mansion has the funds to cover it up, or go to rehab…but God notices.    We all fall, because we are human.  But God is not surprised when we slip and fall…He knew our life story long before we were ever born…He wrote it!  His purpose for our life is clear.  He wants to prosper us, not harm us!  To give us hope and a future.  Jesus, was so determined to give us this hope, this future, that He died for us to ensure that possibility.  All we must do is take Him at His word, trust Him, and accept the gift He so freely gave!

Don’t be afraid to stop and help someone in need.  Don’t worry if they are in a suit, or rags…if they look like they have it all together, or are covered in filth and vomit.  Jesus died for them, just like He died for you.  You may never know the impact you’ve made on folks until you get to Heaven, and they run up to you and thank you for stopping to help them in their need.  Letting the love of Jesus spill out from your life may be the only thing that brings them to salvation.


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