This morning, as I drew a promise for the day from my box, I prayed that we would all have a promise to hold on to…just for today.  This one is a doozey!  I know it is for all of us!  So, take heart if you’re going through something…Jesus is right there with you!  After I read it, I remembered a song I used to sing.  It was written by Dottie Rambo, called Promises.  Take careful note of the words…they will lift your tired spirit…  Be blessed today! -anita


He didn’t promise that I would never stumble,
But He did say He’d be there if I fall
He didn’t tell me He’d hear complaints I whispered,
But He did say He’d hear me if I call.

Promises, promises, and all of them true.
He’s done exactly what He said He would do.
He didn’t promise my heart would not be broken,
But He did say He’d mend it again.

He didn’t promise my cross would not be heavy,
But He did say that He my load would bear,
He didn’t tell me He’d grant my hopes and wishes,
But He did say He’d hear my earnest prayer.

By:  Dottie Rambo