Years ago, I read a book by Max Lucado entitled, Give it all to Him.  The following poem came from one of the stories within its pages.  Enjoy!-anita


Here is an excerpt regarding the story:

In this story a woman gives her garbage of shame to the trash man; an old man hands over his heavy bag of regrets. Hundreds walk to the landfill and find it filled with trash.

“Give it to me. Tomorrow. At the landfill. Will you bring it?” He rubs a moist smudge from her cheek with his thumb and stands. “Friday. The landfill.”

“You can’t live with this,” he explains. “You weren’t made to.”

Here is a beautiful story of a Savior who can take all our garbage on his shoulders-and amazingly, still stand!


Flopping down on the bench, she drops her bag, stares at the sidewalk…it’s been hard to drag!

Aching and stiff from carrying the load…Oh!  To be rid of this trash! …To skip down the road!

A car passes by, drenching her and the sack; but she’s too tired to move…the skies above, dark and black.

Another walks by.  A bag draped ‘ore his shoulder.  He curses the weight.  He’s young, but looks older.

Staring down at the sack, she sits on the bench, refusing to open it…my God!  What a stench!

Wishing she could lose it, or maybe give it away; but…everyone has one…it will just have to stay.

From the bright eyed and young, to faces wrinkled and old, the number of trash bags can never be told!

But then…a sound, from somewhere behind.  It’s a man with eyes so bright and kind…

He sits down beside her.  But…he has no bag!  He’s empty-handed….  Is this some kind of gag?

He speaks, and she listens without saying a word.  Then, he asks about HER trash…and her eyes become blurred.

“Mine?”, she says quietly, while searching for a ‘nice’ name.  But he answers for her…”I know…it’s shame.”

Who was this man?  He knew everything!  But somehow that fact, seemed to give her wings!

With shame, guilt, and failure so prevalent in her mind, he knew it all, but still he was kind!

She waited for his judgement, but it never came.  Instead, he smiled, and she heard him say…

“Will you give me your trash?  I’ll take it today!”

“Give you my trash???  Not now…maybe tomorrow…”

Then those bright, kind eyes, suddenly filled with sorrow.  “Ok then…tomorrow.  And he walks away.  She’s left on the bench, like a poor lost stray.

She staggers home, and sleep finally finds her.  Her dreams full of hope…but then she awakes, still unable to cope.

Her trash still sits at the end of the bed.  Then, remembering, she wonders…did he REALLY mean what he’d said?

Maybe…just maybe…and then she sighs real deep; as her heart fills with hope, and her eyes start to weep.

She grabs up her bag…but…in which direction?  Then she sees all the others, and her mind makes a connection.

Her bag’s full of shame; others carry lies, rage and unforgiveness.  All eyes are lifeless, and dim.

Then she hears someone say, “He said he’d take this from me…so I’m just gonna give it to him!”

They all march in silence, until they hear a loud scream.  A roar filled with pain, hanging thick in the air.

Stopping dead in their tracks, they wonder…what can this mean?

Again the scream comes, and as they draw near, they see this man kneeling before each person in prayer.

“Give it to me,” he says, “and you’ll never carry it again….  I’ll carry it ALL…your pain, and your sin!”

Then, bowing his head, he pours out each sack, and he feels what they felt…misery, pain, want and lack!

The cry she hears now, she knows is from her.  He’s taken it all…it’s now his, as it were.

She stands and watches as he disappears, under that mountain of misery….  And then she hears…

“Father!  Forgive them!…”  And she falls to her knees.  She says, “Yes Father!  Forgive me!…Forgive me…please!”

No one knows just how long, she stayed…knelt there, with her heart full of sorrow…her mouth whispering a prayer;

But when she arose, and started to leave, the rain clouds were gone! …So she had to believe!

She looked around…her trash was gone too!  He’d kept his promise!  His words had been true!

Do YOU have some trash you’d like to lay aside?  Then, COME TO JESUS!…That’s WHY HE died!

By:  Anita Mondragon January 2006

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