The news of late, has been about devastation in other countries with earthquakes, war, famine. And, many times while watching it, I wonder to myself if all those people taken, were ready to meet God.  No matter what your political view, or opinion regarding war… it is a sobering thought to think that a lot of those people were NOT ready for eternity.

We are not all called to be Missionaries…but we are called to carry the Good News to those around us if we KNOW Jesus in a personal way!  Are your neighbors ready?  Have you even asked them?  I’m not pointing fingers…I am guilty  myself.  Then I read things like the following poem, and realize how important sharing is! -anita


Behold the whitened harvest,

Behold the falling grain;

Behold the souls in bondage;

O, must they cry in vain?

Behold the Master’s calling,

“Go ye,” is His command.

Oh, won’t you heed His urgent plea,

To reach that distant land?

By:  Olga J. Weiss

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