This morning, I’d like to share another heart-warming post written by my daughter, Jessica Lutz.  Enjoy! -anita


I glanced over to see where the rasping sound was coming from only to find her wee fingers entwined within the willow.  Her Moses basket is her safe place if she’s not in someones arms.  It’s her comfort and security, except for the braided trunk that curves, with a mind of its own.  Somehow her hand found its loop.  Although she hates the texture, she continues to grab hold and fight with it.  Exhausting herself.  Still – she fights.  She won’t win.  The handle isn’t going anywhere.  Eventually, I turn her the other direction where she can no longer see it.  Still – it won’t be long until her arm rubs against its rough texture.  Then the fight will begin again.

I do the same thing at times.  No.  I don’t fight with the handle of a basket.  I fight against circumstances, people, the past, regrets…myself.  I don’t like the way it makes me feel.  Yet I keep grabbing hold and wrestling.  Exhausting myself like it will somehow make a difference.  Still – I fight.  I can become so entwined that I loose sight of life…my purpose.  Things may seem to resolve for a time.  Out of sight out of mind… but It won’t be long before I rub against it and I’m entangled yet again.  I won’t win.

The only hope for Chaela, is that I cut off, and remove the looped willow.  The only hope I have, is choosing to allow God to remove certain things from my heart.

Maybe you too need to allow God to remove a few things?

Until then…
Jessie -January 13, 2016