Here is another beautiful post written by my daughter, Jessica Lutz.  Enjoy!-anita


I woke to her stirring.  It was unusual as she typically sleeps through the night.  Slowly I reached into her cradle but before I picked her up she began to scream.  Hysterical.  I knew what she wanted – she was hungry.  With fists clinched tight she continued to scream until she drew close and began to suck her milk.  As time passed she loosened her death grip until finally her palms fell wide upon my pillow.  Content…full…at peace…she fell asleep once more.

Lying next to her I swept those fine threads of crimson…stroked that chubby cheek…kissed those wee fingers and laid her back within the confines of her cradle.

I shook my head.
She’s like her mama in more ways than one.

At times I too hold a death grip of control.  Especially if I’m hungry.  Hungry for love.  Time.  Security.  Pinterest perfection seeps in and I can make everyone living within these walls a bit crazy.  It’s true.  Fear can howl loud and make one frantic.  Hysterical.

But – I’m learning.  Learning to press into Jesus during those times.  Open the palms and allow Him to fill that unquenchable hunger only He can.  Then and only then can I live each day full…content…at peace…and I rest in the cradle of His arms.

Until then…
Jessie -Feb. 17, 2016



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