This is a sermon from the booklet, “Upwords.  Enjoy!-anita


I recently received an email from a great brother in the Lord.  He has no idea how much of an encouragement and joy he is. (We never tell him).  Well, my buddy, this guy really loves the Lord, so much so that my friends and I are envious of this love he has for the Lord. Sometimes, even jealous of his relationship, though we know we all can attain such a thing IF we pursue Him.

He rewards those that diligently seek Him and more often than not, He Himself is the reward.-Heb. 11:6 and Genesis 15:1  And what an outstanding reward that is!

But, even with that insight, we don’t pursue Him!  What is wrong with us?  Passion fades, men fall out of love with their wives…but how do you fall out of love with Jesus?  It is the decision to love that is far more important than the feeling of love.  We feel love, even though we sometimes, we don’t feel love.  But life is not about feelings.  It takes deep determination and tenacity to pursue God with reckless abandon.

You know as well as I do that He is sweeter than the sweetest honey and once you taste Him, you will want none other.  He is the Gift of God.  He deserves our reckless abandon.  He is so easy to love!  So…what is happening with us?

In his song, “I’m Crying Out”, Trip Lee writes these words:

“But recently it seems to me that passion fading; it’s almost like I forgot my Holy Dad was amazing.  And without noticing your Word, I started reading it less.  Yeah…I’m alive, but it feels like I’m just breathing to death!  I’m crying out!”-Tripp Lee

That pretty much sums it up!  Only pursuing God, will ignite further pursuit, and life without truly pursuing God, makes the “Void” more apparent!  No one wants to just breathe to death…PURSUE!

By:  Sean L. Adams Sr.

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